How do I use Zapier with SocialPilot?

Zapier is an online tool that allows for easy automation of over 250+ popular web applications and that can be automatically published through SocialPilot. Here are a few examples:

  • Share an article on your Facebook Page as soon as you add it on Weebly. 
  • Add your Instagram post to queue for your Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Learn more about Zapier + SocialPilot integration here.

Follow these steps to use Zapier with SocialPilot:

Log into your SocialPilot panel.
Choose Zapier integration. 

Once you click on any of the buttons, it will prompt you to sign-up for Zapier

If you don't have a Zapier account, sign up. If you do, log in.  After you have signed up/logged in, you'll be re-directed to a Zap creation step depending upon the app you selected from SocialPilot.  This example demonstrates an integration of Instagram and SocialPilot with the help of Zapier platform. This integration will help you post Instagram updates or posts directly on your social media channels. 

Click on 'Make this Zap'. Then, you'll be asked to authenticate your Instagram.
After authenticating your Instagram, your SocialPilot and Zapier integration will be completed successfully. Now, you'll be asked to authorize SocialPilot to use your account. Authorize your SocialPilot account
After you authorize SocialPilot to use your account, choose the SocialPilot groups where you want to share your Instagram updates. Choose social group
You are ready to publish your Instagram updates to all your SocialPilot accounts connected with Zapier! Ready to rock Integrations with other tools help you use SocialPilot more efficiently. 

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