How do I schedule posts from ‘curated content’?

You are always looking for interesting, relevant and quality content. But there are days when you can't come up with anything. However, you can't let your fans down by posting nothing. 

Hence, SocialPilot offers you a special feature - Content Curation. 

With this feature, you can get a curated list of all content from the web, based on your chosen categories or keywords. SocialPilot provides you with curated content for about 17 different categories like Business, Tech, Marketing, Startups, Fashion, Photography, Music, Travel, Inspiration, Health & Fitness, Pets & Animals, Sports and more. 

How to add curated content to my scheduling queue?

Scheduling from curated content ensures that you share a variety of content from around the web.

To schedule posts from curated content, follow these steps:

Log into your SocialPilot panel.
Click on 'Content & Feed' -> Curated Content
It will lead you to the 'Create Post' page, under 'Schedule Curated Content' tab.
Click on the 'Viewing All Category' button to select a category.

You'll see a list of content suggestions relevant for the category you chose.


Select the accounts you want to share content from.


Click on 'Add to Queue' or any other scheduling option, to create the post. 


If you wish to edit the post description, click on 'Edit Post' from the drop-down. You'll see a pop-up of 'Create Post' where you can edit the post description and add/remove images.

Note: In the Individual plan, we allow the scheduling and sharing of curated content only by choosing from the available categories. The Advanced Search option allows you to find content by typing in keywords, domain names, competitors etc. You need to upgrade your account to the Professional, Small Team or Agency plan to use the Advanced Search feature.

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