How does 'Advanced Search' work?

Advanced search in Content Curation allows you to find content based on your search queries. 

You can type in keywords, authors' names, competitors' names etc. in the search box and you'll get a curated list accordingly. Also, you have an option to filter the list based on how old (publishing date) and relevant the content is.

What is Search Assist and how to use it?

Search Assist guides you as to how you can use the advanced search to get the best results. You can type in keywords and refine your content search based on the criteria mentioned below :  

Search for a keyword: marketing

Search by sharer: @jaybaer

What is 'sort by' tab and how does it help?

The 'Sort by' tab has  the following drop-down options:

  • Relevance 
  • Publish Time

These options help you filter your content suggestion list further. 

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