How do I connect a client’s account in SocialPilot?

SocialPilot's 'Client Management' feature allows you to connect and manage your clients' social media accounts efficiently - without asking them for credentials!*

Just invite the clients to connect their accounts, by adding their names and email addresses. After they connect their accounts, they will be added to your list automatically. 

Note: As soon as you reach the limit of a maximum number of accounts you can connect with SocialPilot (as per your plan), you cannot invite more clients. 

* Exception - You need credentials for Instagram accounts.

How to invite a client?

You can invite clients by adding their names and email addresses. Once they connect their accounts, you automatically get access to those accounts.

  1. Log into the SocialPilot panel
  2. Click on 'Team & Client' ->  Invite clients, from the left sidebar menu.
  3. You'll see the 'Invite Client' page.
  4. Add the client's details.
  5. Select the social network for which you want your client to connect his/her account. For instance, if you select 'LinkedIn', the client will be able to connect only LinkedIn account(s). 
  6. Click on 'Your Logo' box to add your company’s logo. Add your company's name in the box provided for 'Your Agency Name'.
    Note: This step helps you conceal your social media tool-kit (just in case you don't wish to reveal it to the client). The client will see your logo and brand name (instead of SocialPilot’s) when he/she is connecting accounts./section>

  7. Click on 'Send Invitation'
  8. You can  see an invitation email and edit the content by clicking on the 'Preview Invite' option. You can also edit the email address and use your company's address (instead of SocialPilot’s) while sending the invite to your client.

This video tutorial will also guide you through our Client Management process.

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