Can my client reject/approve posts for his/her accounts?

While your clients cannot approve or reject posts, they can edit or delete them from the 'scheduled posts' section.

To enable this access, go to the Manage Clients section from the sidebar. Click the 'edit' icon corresponding to your client.

Check the box for 'Can Create Posts'.

Note: If the client has Can View Posts access only, they cannot edit/delete the Post. Also, if the client is assigned the Content Scheduler role, they will not be able to boost posts or manage the ads account.

Note: If you enable 'Can create posts' for a client, they will be counted as a team member. Say, if you are on the Agency plan and you have added 5 team members already, as per your plan and you can add 5 clients with access to 'create posts'. You won't be able to add any more members once the limit is reached. To add more members or clients, you will need to upgrade your plans or purchase an add-on for your current plan.

Now, the client will be able to edit or delete scheduled posts for his/her accounts. 

Note: If you want the client to view all posts created for their account/s then you will need to give them Manager access as the role of a Content Scheduler will only allow the client to view posts they create. 

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