Are there any restrictions as to how I can promote SocialPilot?


Spamming is absolutely not allowed. If you are found spamming, your affiliate account will be closed immediately.
You are not allowed to run ads on the following brand keywords - 'SocialPilot', 'Social Pilot', 'socialpilot', and 'social pilot' and competitor brand keywords - 'Hootsuite', 'buffer', 'sprout social', 'Agorapulse' and so on...
You are not allowed to create and promote any coupons in the name of SocialPilot. If you are found creating and promoting such coupons (please refer to the screenshot below), your account will be suspended and your commission will be denied.


You are not allowed to sign up for SocialPilot using your own referral link to get a commission. If you're found to be doing so, your commission will be denied and your account will be suspended permanently.

P.S. If you are still found violating these terms of promoting SocialPilot, unfortunately, we'll have to delete the customers you've earned and maybe also delete your affiliate account.

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