What is SocialPilot Ads?

SocialPilot Ads is a new feature introduced by SocialPilot - that enables you to Boost your Facebook posts directly from the SocialPilot dashboard.

It helps to automate and simplify the social media advertising process. Boosting posts is the best way to reach new people, who are likely interested in your content, but don't currently follow you on Facebook. 

The SocialPilot Facebook boost feature gives you a chance to boost your post in two ways: You can boost an already published post or schedule the boost while creating the post. The tool then automatically formulates ad content as a “sponsored post”, and offers to boost it the same way you do on Facebook. All of this is done through the SocialPilot dashboard for multiple Facebook pages.

This feature also allows you to :

  • Connect different Ad accounts.
  • Create Ads from the SocialPilot dashboard
  • Choose the business objective, duration, budget, placement, and audience for each ad.
  • Manage these ad accounts, and share the access with your team.
  • Know how your ad is performing.
  • Get the realtime engagement on your Ads
  • Manage ads - Delete or boost again.
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