How do I manage my boosted posts?

After you have boosted your post successfully, you can manage your boosted posts here.

It allows you,


Log in to the SocialPilot dashboard.
Click on Ads > Manage Ads.

To check the status of your Boost post:

Here you can see the status of all your Boosted posts, i.e, at what stage they are. There are overall 8 stages your boosted post goes through. The stages are:

  • Pending: This stage is activated when you schedule a Boost post from the post creation window. All the necessary details for Ad creation are saved and stored. When the post gets created, the relevant pending ad will be created. 
  • Processing: At this stage, the Ad is currently being created. For video posts and GIFs, it will take around 45 secs, otherwise, it takes 10-15 secs in general.
  • Review: This stage means the Ad has been created and is pending review from Facebook.
- If the Ad gets approved by Facebook, the status changes to Active or Schedule.   
If the Ad gets disapproved by Facebook, the status changes to Error.
  • Scheduled: At this stage, the Ad has been created and approved, but it has not started yet as the start time for the Ad is in the future, and has not arrived yet. Meaning it has been scheduled for the nearby future.

    Note: From this status, the Ad will go into Active status.
  • Active:  Now the Ad is active and delivering the results, which you can check in the analytics.

  • Finished: Ad is finished. Users now have an option to boost the post again, with the same settings (Boost Again).
  • Error:  If the Ad does not get approved by Facebook or faces any glitch it will display an error title and error message. 
- If at this stage, the user makes any changes to the target audience, the Ad will again go into the Review stage.
- If the end time is reached, the Ad will go into Finished status.
  • Paused: This status means the Ad is paused and not delivering any results. You can click on the current status of the Ad and Pause it. By clicking on the Paused icon, it’ll change back to the current status.

To check the Analytics of the Boosted Post:

You can check how your Boosted post is performing, by analyzing the analytics related to the Ad. For that: 


Click on the

in front of the boosted post to check the analytics related to that Ad.
You can see a pop up with the following metrics :
  • Performance: This metric gives you the details about how your Ad has performed.

  • Activity: This metric gives you details about the engagements and actions taken by the audience on your boosted post - likes, comments and shares.

  • Audience: This metric gives you the details about your audience. It gives you details about their location, placement, and any other relevant details pertaining to your audience.

To edit an Ad:

Sometimes you want to make some changes to the Ad after it has been created. You can make these changes by following the steps below:


Click on the

icon in front of the post you want to edit.
An edit pop up opens, you can make the changes in the settings of the Ads here.
After you are satisfied with the changes, click on the Update button on the bottom left corner to save the changes.

To Delete an Ad:

If you decide to delete any Ad, it would be completely deleted from your SocialPilot dashboard as well as Facebook Ad Manager. To delete an Ad follow the following steps:


To delete an Ad click on the

icon in front of the post.
You will get a pop-up for confirmation. After confirming, the Ad will be deleted permanently.

Re-Boost a post:

After an Ad has completed its duration, you can again boost the post. For that:


Click on the

icon in front of the post you want to boost again.
A Boost Again pop-up opens. Fill in the requisite information.
Click on the Schedule Boost option at the bottom left corner of the pop-up after you have filled in the necessary details.

You have successfully Re-Boosted your post.

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