How can I connect a Facebook Ads account?

The first step to boost any Facebook Post using SocialPilot Ads is connecting your Facebook Advertisement Account. Your account needs to be connected to manage your advertising, publish your ads, and get statistics. To connect Facebook Ad Account: 

Log into your SocialPilot account.
Click on Ads > Connect Ad Accounts from the sidebar menu.
You’ll now navigate to go through the Facebook Authentication process. Enter your credentials and then click on ‘Continue’.

Remember to accept all permission alerts prompted by Facebook, as we require complete access to boost the post and get real-time analytics.


Once the authentication is complete, we will list all the Facebook Ads Accounts which have you as an admin. Select the account you want to connect with SocialPilot.

Note:  The Ad account might show as Locked if the payment method is not found. In order to connect the Facebook Ads account, you’re required to have a valid payment method added.
Your Facebook Ad account is now connected with SocialPilot. You can now create and schedule a boost by following the steps given here.
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