Can I boost the most popular posts from my Facebook Page?

A post is considered popular if your audience is loving it i.e. they are liking, sharing and commenting on that post. Or you are driving good ROI with the help of that post.

If you have such a post, you will certainly want to boost it to reap more benefits out of it.  

So, in order to make it easier for you, we have introduced the feature - “ BOOST POPULAR POSTS”.

Yes!! You can boost the most popular post of your Facebook page, by following these easy steps:

Log in to the SocialPilot dashboard.
Click on Ads > Boost Popular Posts

Select the Facebook page whose popular posts you want to boost. You will see the list of your most popular posts for that Facebook page. Click on the Boost Post button next to the post you wish to boost.

By clicking on the Boost Post button, you'll have the Boost Post pop-up open. Feel the requisite sections  as explained here.

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