How to create Facebook lead ads with SocialPilot?

SocialPilot provides you with the native experience of creating Facebook Lead Ads directly from its Ads manager section.

But first, you have to take care of 2 things to create your Facebook Lead Ads from SocialPilot:

  • Make sure that you already have an Ad account connected to your Facebook Page. 
  • The Facebook page and the Ad account associated with it are connected to your SocialPilot account.
Log-in to your SocialPilot dashboard.

Click on "Create Lead Ad"


You will see the complete Create Lead Ad form on your screen.

  • Click on the "Ad Account" dropbox to reveal the list of ad accounts connected to your SocialPilot. Select the right account to run your ad.
  • Click on the "Connected Page" dropbox to reveal the page connected with the ad account. Your ad will run from this page.

Select the Ad type.
Here, you can select any of the two different ad formats to showcase your media:

Carousel: Choose this ad format to add multiple images, that can be seen by scrolling horizontally.

Single Image/Video: Choose this ad format to upload a single image or video.

Write the post caption inside the "Primary text" box.


Now it's time to upload the media according to the format you choose at the beginning of the form. 

Here you can either upload media - Carousel, single image, or video-  from your device or just drag and drop it in the box, Suit yourself. 

Note:  After uploading your media, you will see a complete post preview of the lead ad in the right. This will help you review the ad before posting it out.
Write a headline and description for your lead ad post inside the "Headline" box and "Description "box respectively.

Note: You will see another box named "Display Link" to showcase your website link, only if you have uploaded a single image or video post.
Click on the "Add a button" box to reveal a drop-down with predefined CTAs. Choose the one which suits your ad better.
Add a lead generation form in your ad. Click on the "Form" box to reveal a drop-down with several options for creating a form:
  • You can select the previously made forms for the chosen Facebook page.
  • You can create a new form by clicking on "Create a new form."

Then, Click on next to move on the "Setup Ad" part.

Choose the start date and end date, for your ad to run between, from the calendar under the duration section.
Enter the budget you want to allot for your Facebook Lead ad inside the "Total Budget" box.

Click on the "Audience" box to reveal a drop-down with options of previously saved audiences that you have created in the Ads Manager and creating a new saved audience. Select the audience you want to target with your ad.

Select ad Placement:
  • Check the "Automatic placement" box to let Facebook decide the placement of the lead ad.
  • Check the "Edit Placement" box to decide the lead ad placement by yourself. Choosing it will take you to step 14.

Click on the "Device type" drop-down box to select any of the three options for your lead ad placement.
  • Desktop - To place the ad only on desktops.
  • Mobile - To place the ad only on mobile devices.
  • Both - To Place the ad on both desktop and mobile devices.

Click on the "Create Ad" button. 

Congratulation your ad is created and sent to Facebook for review. 

What actions can be taken after creating your Ad?

The Facebook Lead Ad goes through various stages and changes its status after you click on the create ad button. Below are the list of status and the actions you can take during that time on your Lead Ads.

Status Permitted Action - Delete, Edit, Pause
Processing You cannot take any action while your Ad is in this stage.
Review  You can either Edit or Pause your Ad. On Edit, SocialPilot will create a new ad and send it to Facebook for review. Your old ad will be deleted automatically.
Active Once your Ad is live and visible to your audience, you can only Edit -  Duration (end-date only), Budget, and Placement. You can also Delete, and Pause your Ad.
Finish View analytics, Run the lead ad again.
Error Incase your Ad encounters an error, you can edit the Ad or create a new lead Ad. 

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