How to directly publish to Instagram from SocialPilot using Zapier?

Learn how you can directly post on your Instagram Business account with SocialPilot and Zapier Integration through a ZAP. This integration will allow you to publish single-image posts and link posts directly.

Before you start, here is what you need to have:


SocialPilot account - Log in to your account. If you have not yet subscribed to a plan, then do it from here.


Zapier account - Create your Zapier account from here.


Instagram business account - Make sure your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account. Learn more about how to link accounts here.

Note:  You should be an owner/admin of the Facebook Page which is linked to the Instagram Business Profile to enable direct publishing through this method.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account. (If already have an account then move to step 2)

Click here to select the plan you want to start with. Over here, we are using a Free plan.
Note:  For each Instagram account on which you want to publish, you have to create a Zap. So, if you want to publish on 5 Instagram accounts, then create 5 Zaps.
Sign up to create a free Zapier account.

Step 2: Create a Zap.

In the dashboard, hover to the left-hand side menu and click on "Make a Zap".

In a newly opened window, search for SocialPilot in the list of available apps under "Choose app and event" and select SocialPilot.

Choose "New post publish successfully" as a triggered event.

Click on continue.
Sign in with your SocialPilot account. Use your SocialPilot User ID and Password
Click on Authorize to allow Zapier to access your SocialPilot Account and then Continue.
In the Customize post section, Click on the "Select Accounts" and then select the Instagram account from the dropdown menu for which you are scheduling the post.

Click on continue.

Click Test trigger to make sure everything is set up and working properly. 

If there is no post found or you get an error, do not worry. Click on "Skip Test" and again "Skip Test" on the prompt and then click continue. 
* However, if there is a post recently made and found, it will display the information and you would only need to click on "Continue"

Now you are done with the trigger part of the setup. Hurray!

Search for Instagram for Business (Beta) under "Choose app and event" and select it.


Choose "Publish Photo" as an action event and press continue.


Connect your Instagram for business account in the Profile dropdown menu. Enter the credentials of your Facebook account linked with your Instagram account to log in. Once connected, you will see your connected Account as shown below,


In the Customize Media, start by selecting the right Instagram Account to Use from the dropdown menu.


After selecting the right Instagram account, the next step to map the required fields to enable successful post publishing. Click in the Text Field to reveal a dropdown menu and then select "Post Image URL" from it. Press on the x to close the dropdown.


Click in the Caption box to reveal a dropdown menu and then select "Post Description" from it.

Skip the selection for 'Tagged User' and 'Geolocation' since, in SocialPilot, we don't have this option to add when you create a post.

Click on Skip Test to avoid publishing a sample post to your actual Instagram account.

Congratulations, your Zap is ready. Turn it on! 

Name your Zap and share it with your team.

Step 3: Start Publishing from SocialPilot

You are all set up in Zapier. Now head back to SocialPilot.
Click on 'Posts' > Create a Single Image or Link post for the Instagram account you have selected in your Zap.
To publish or schedule the posts, click on the "Add to queue" button or the dropdown next to it to select from the range of scheduling options like Share Now, Schedule Post, or Repeat Post.
You are all done now. 
Important Note:
Zapier will check for new data from your trigger every 1 to 15 minutes in order to start your Zap, depending on your pricing plan. So if you're on their free plan, it'll share a post in up to 15 minutes.
You will keep receiving Instagram publishing reminders from SocialPilot (only push notification), you can ignore them!
Please do not ignore the Instagram publishing reminders regarding the Album, Video, and Gif posts that you have scheduled or published from SocialPilot.
You can revoke Zapier's access to your SocialPilot Account at any time, from the new Apps tab of your account.

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