What does LinkedIn analytics include?

SocialPilot analyses all your connected LinkedIn company pages and provides you with in-depth reports - which you can view and download for the Last 7 Days, 15 Days, 1 Month, and 3 Months.

What is the Follower Count Trend?

The Follower Count Trend refers to the number of followers you have gained and lost in the selected time-frame. 

You can also get an analysis of your followers' demographics - employee seniority level, company size, location, and job function. Each demographic is divided into certain categories:

  • Employee Seniority - Entry level, Senior, Training, Manager, Director
  • Company Size - 10001+ , 5000-1001, 500-1000, 11-50
  • Location - Top 5 locations where the profile's followers belong from
  • Job Functions - Engineering, Quality Assurance, Operations, Sales, Human Resources

Reach/Impression Trend

The Reach/Impression Trend shows you how many people viewed your posts/updates. 

You can also monitor on which day your posts have the maximum reach under Impressions Overview. This helps you in knowing when to publish more posts to get better reach/impressions. This section also shows the percentage change in the impressions, comparing the number of the current time-period you selected to that of the previous time period to that. 

What is Engagement Trend?

Engagement Trend shows you the total number of likes and comments your posts received. 

Monitor your engagement trends to see which type of post works best for your audience.

Under the Engagement Insights, you will see the individual number of likes and comments, as well as the change in their percentage compared to the previous time period is also displayed. Also, the integrated change in the percentage of engagements is calculated for the time selected compared to that of the previous one. 

What is Post/Update Analytics?

Post/Update Analytics helps you monitor your favorite and popular posts and show you the posts that got the maximum likes and comments.

This section includes all types of LinkedIn posts, including text, images, videos, polls, multiple images, articles, etc. 

Also, you can re-share your most engaging posts right from the analytics tab.

These reports help you improve your social media marketing strategies. If you want to see how to customize your LinkedIn posts, click here

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