What does Twitter analytics include?

SocialPilot analyses all tweets for your connected Twitter accounts - even the ones which weren't published using SocialPilot. You can view and download it for the Last 7 Days, 15 Days, 1 Month, 2 Months, and 3 Months.

What are Daily Tweets?

Daily Tweets are the number of tweets you post daily from your account.

What is Tweet Frequency?

Tweet Frequency refers to the number of times you tweet in an hour of the day.

You can also have an overview of how many tweets you have posted per day.

What does Content Type mean?

Content Type refers to the type of tweets you post - Text tweet, Image/Link tweet, Video tweet - and the number of re-tweets your tweets received.

What is Audience Engagement?

Audience engagement shows you the number of favorites, replies, and retweets your tweets have received along with engagement insights in figures.

My SocialPilot analytics don’t match with my Twitter analytics. Why?

Twitter does not provide us with a public API. Consequently, our analysis is based on the tweet details we get from Twitter. Hence, you might find some differences between SocialPilot analytics and Twitter analytics.

You can share and download your analytics reports from SocialPilot.

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