How do I create and share/schedule a post?


In SocialPilot, you can create a post using various elements like text, links, images, videos, and GIFs. 

How to create a post?

To create a post, you need to connect your social media account(s) from the Connect Account page. 

To create a post:

Click on 'Posts' -> Create Post from the sidebar menu.
Type in the text in the provided box.

The content can be customized for each platform. The Original tab has the base content, switch to the individual platform tabs to edit the text, change images, hashtags, and more. You can also add the First Comment for Instagram by clicking on the comment button in the original tab or using the designated box in the Instagram tab.

Choosing an Image:
  • Click on the Add Media icon and choose an image from various options. 
  • Alternatively, you can choose an image from the site/blog link you pasted in the text box.
  • You can also upload images from your Box, Dropbox, or an image URL. 

Note: If you have entered the URL of a blog/site in the text box, you'll see a preview of all the images from that page. You can upload a maximum of 4 images to go along with one post on Facebook, Twitter, VK, and Tumblr. 

Note: If you want to change the image only from the link preview generated, hover over the image and you’ll see a camera icon with a plus symbol on it. Click on it and you’ll be able to upload your own image. This applies to text/link posts for LinkedIn only. For Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, the post will be shared according to the o.g. meta tag set on the URL you use in the post.

Choosing a video:
  • Click on the Video icon and select a video from your computer.
  • You'll see a preview of your video where you can select a thumbnail from the options provided. (maximum 5 thumbnails will be provided)

Note: The 'Video Title' and 'Content Category' boxes will be available for Facebook posts only.

Choosing a GIF:

  • Click on the GIF icon and type in a keyword to search for a GIF.

  • Click on the GIF of your choice.

Note: SocialPilot allows you to select either 4 images or a GIF or a video. You cannot select images, videos, and GIFs together.

Select account(s) from which you want to publish the post.

Note: You will be allowed to schedule tweets to one Twitter account only (at a time). Twitter introduced new guidelines disallowing all third-party apps like SocialPilot to permit users to share the same post to multiple Twitter accounts at the same time. The new guidelines aim to “prevent people from exploiting several accounts for artificially amplifying a message”. You can learn more about the guidelines here.

Click on ' Add to Queue' to schedule your post according to your defined time slots.


Click on ' Click on ' Share Now' option to publish the post immediately.


Click on ' Share Next' option which will schedule your post at the next time available slot after the time you set it for schedule. For Example: If you are creating a post at 1:09 PM and according to your schedule, there's a time slot at 2:00 PM the post will be scheduled for 2 PM.


Click on ' Schedule Post' option to schedule your post for a specific date & time (other than your defined time slots).


Click on ' Repeat Post' to repeat this post for the selected account(s) a number of times over a particular time period.

Creating posts couldn't get any easier! 

Let's have a look at how you can use these scheduling options.

How does the 'Add to Queue' option work for automatic scheduling?

You can assign multiple time slots for each day for each account from the Manage Accounts section.

As per the image, 14 posts are in queue - the first post will be published on Friday at 1:00 p.m; the 2nd post will be published at 10:00 p.m; the 3rd post will be published on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. If there are no posts in the queue after that, the slots in the schedule will remain unused.

How does the 'Schedule Post' option work?

By clicking on the 'Schedule Post' option, you'll see a popup window where you can select the date and time for publishing that post. If you want to repeat this post over a period of time, click on '+ Add Schedule.' 

How does the 'Repeat Post' option work?

On clicking on the 'Repeat Post' option from the 'Add to Queue' drop-down, a pop-up will appear where you need select how many times do you want your post to be repeated and in how many days. Click on the 'Preview' button to  view  and  edit the date and time of your repeated posts.

As you click on the 'Preview' button, SocialPilot will calculate the days and time accordingly and show you a schedule. You can customize these dates and times according to your preferences. 

Click on the 'Schedule' button to share these repeated posts from your account(s). 

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