Why am I getting a 'you've reached your limit' error?

Depending on the plan you've been using, there is a certain limit to the: 

  • Number of social accounts you can connect
  • Number of posts you can create
  • Number of posts in the queue
  • Number of members you can add

When you reach this limit, you will be shown this error.

If you wish to increase these limits, you can either upgrade your membership or customize your account with Add-Ons. You can add more accounts to your current SocialPilot plan with add-ons by paying a minimal monthly price for each extra account. The same goes for adding more members and feeds. The prices for the Add-on features are:

  • Account- $3/account/month
  • Team member- $5/Team member/month
  • RSS feed- $5/RSS feed/month

Check out our plans and upgrade your membership.

Note: If you've been using one of our higher plans and wish to further increase your limits, please get in touch with our support team. They'll help you upgrade to our 'Enterprise' plan which will allow you a great degree of customization in terms of features.

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