Does SocialPilot provide direct Instagram Scheduling?

As of now, SocialPilot doesn't provide direct Instagram scheduling as of now. Due to Instagram’s restrictions on API access, currently, you cannot directly publish scheduled posts through SocialPilot.

But, you can schedule Instagram reminders. These reminders enable you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance and then on the exact time you scheduled your post for publishing, you’ll receive a push notification to publish it to your Instagram account. To know more about how Instagram scheduling works at SocialPilot, visit this page. 

Note: To schedule Instagram posts, you need to use SocialPilot mobile app. Install the SocialPilot app on your mobile phone -  Android | iOS

While we are working on getting direct posting API access, we have integrated workaround to the whole situation.

Using SocialPilot’s Zapier Integration you can trigger your scheduled image as well as link posts to be directly published on Instagram. See our step-by-step instructions to directly schedule your Instagram posts using Zapier.

Note: Our team is working on getting direct Instagram scheduling in SocialPilot. Stay tuned!

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