Does SocialPilot provide direct Instagram Scheduling?

SocialPilot supports direct publishing on Instagram for square-shaped, up to 10 images on the Instagram Business accounts.

SocialPilot has both, direct scheduling (posts that can be published automatically) and reminders (posts that you’ll receive a push notification for).

You can publish on Instagram and create various types of posts by following the steps given here.

In a nutshell:

  • Direct Publishing is allowed only on Instagram Business accounts
  • Instagram Direct publishing supports up to 10 images and tagging public profiles is possible on all the images. 
  • The GIF can be published directly but goes as a static image (but you can always select the radio button and switch over to mobile reminders for your GIF to go out as a GIF) 

Note: To schedule Instagram posts through reminders, you need to use SocialPilot mobile app. Install the SocialPilot app on your mobile phone -  Android | iOS
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