Does SocialPilot provide direct Instagram Scheduling?

SocialPilot supports direct publishing on Instagram as Facebook has granted API access for square-shaped, single-image direct publishing on the Instagram Business accounts.

SocialPilot has both, direct scheduling (posts that can be published automatically) and reminders (posts that you’ll receive a push notification for). 

Scheduling your Instagram posts works the same way for both, but the type of content you intend to share will determine whether the post can be published automatically or not. 

You can publish on Instagram and create various types of posts by following the steps given here.

In a nutshell:

  • Direct Publishing is allowed only on Instagram Business accounts
  • Only single-image can be published directly (this means only the first image is published directly, and to publish multiple-images you will have to resort to the reminders) Click here to learn more.
  • The GIF can be published directly but goes as a static image (but you can always select the radio button and switch over to mobile reminders for your GIF to go out as a GIF) 

Note: To schedule Instagram posts through reminders, you need to use SocialPilot mobile app. Install the SocialPilot app on your mobile phone -  Android | iOS

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