Why am I being asked to re-connect my account(s)?

When you connect any social media profiles to your SocialPilot account, a connection forms between the platforms. While linking the accounts, SocialPilot asks for certain mandatory permissions. This allows them to exchange information, like scheduling posts, retrieving analytics data, social inbox, etc. 

When these permissions are revoked, the bridge between the two platforms is broken. 

SocialPilot can no longer retrieve any data or publish posts to those accounts or any pages and groups connected to that profile. That is why you are being asked to reconnect these accounts.

This may happen due to the following reasons:

  • When you change your password for a particular social media account, your access token expires automatically. Hence, you must reconnect your account. 
  • Some sites such as Facebook allow us to share content on your account for 60 days only. After that, you'll need to reconnect your account.
  • You might have removed SocialPilot from the app directory of that social media account. This prevents SocialPilot from accessing your account and any related pages or groups.

SocialPilot app removed from Business Integrations

You can connect multiple Facebook pages, groups, and Instagram business accounts to their SocialPilot account, which fall under the same Facebook profile.

When you REMOVE the SocialPilot from a  single Facebook profile's Business Integrations, all the Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Instagram Business profiles under that profile will get disconnected.

This can happen when you remove SocialPiot from your Facebook Business Integrations.

 Business Integrations are nothing but 3rd party apps you connect to your Facebook profile to share data with them. The purpose behind this may be varied, but generally, it is to assist the objectives you use your Facebook profile for.

But don't worry, as  reconnecting the Facebook profile to SocialPilot will lead to all the pages and groups under it getting reconnected to SocialPilot again. 

To reconnect your account

  1. The account that needs reconnecting will show an error message. Select the account you want to reconnect and click on the 'Reconnect' button.
  2. This should take you to the social media site to reconfirm the password. Now select the pages you want to reconnect to your SocialPilot account. Once you've done this, you are all set.

If you've been asked to reconnect the account multiple times, you need to re-authorize it.

The best move would be to never remove SocialPilot from Facebook’s Business Integrations. You can check them to make sure SocialPilot is connected to your FB account. 

Here is how to access Facebook Business Integrations:

  1. Open your Facebook profile page.
  2. Click on your Profile icon on the top-right corner of the page. 
  3. Now select Settings and Privacy > Settings
  4. Go to Security & Login from the left menu bar. 
  5. Now select Business Integrations

You will find SocialPilot in the list of apps under Business Integrations. 

Do not remove SocialPilot from Business Integrations. It is essential for us that this application remains here so that we can maintain connection and continue posting.

You will find SocialPilot under the Removed apps if you have accidentally deleted it from Business Integrations. Make sure to reconnect SocialPilot to Facebook. 

If you're facing issues reconnecting your account(s), please get in touch with our Support team

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