Why is my post showing in the 'Unscheduled' tab?

While using SocialPilot, you may see your posts in the Unscheduled tab due to the following reasons:

  • You may have added a post into the queue, but you haven't specified time slots for that account. In such a case, you will need to go to Manage  Account > click on Edit with the respective account > and then Add time slots.
  • You may have scheduled more posts than your account limit.  These posts cannot be published, and hence, they'll move to the Unscheduled tab.
  • You may have connected more accounts than the limit of the subscription you purchased. In such a case, the additional accounts will be locked, and posts scheduled for the same will go to the Unscheduled.
  • You may have paused the sharing activity for any account. In such a case, when the publish time of a post scheduled for that account is passed, it'll go to Unscheduled.
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