How do I schedule posts in bulk?

Bulk scheduling is an easy way to create a large number of posts (up to 500) using a CSV or Text file. SocialPilot allows you to schedule both - image and text posts - in bulk. 

Just prepare a list of posts in your favorite text editor (e.g. Microsoft Excel or Notepad) and upload it in SocialPilot. In the tool, you can see a preview of all your bulk posts and select accounts for which you want to schedule those posts.

Follow these steps to schedule posts in bulk:

Log into the SocialPilot panel
Click on 'Posts' ->  Bulk Schedule, from the left sidebar menu.
You'll see the bulk schedule page and an option to upload a CSV file. Here you can Drag and Drop your CSV file, or click anywhere inside the dotted square box to select a CSV file from your computer. 

Note: To learn more about how to create a CSV file for bulk upload, visit this page.
If the images you want to add are saved on your computer, you'll need to create a public link for these images by uploading them to your Dropbox.  You must use Public URLs for images while bulk scheduling.
You will be directed to the preview window. Here you can review.

Type of post - For all the image posts, you will see a preview of each image alongside the text content. You can edit or delete images and text here also.

Post with Accounts - All the posts, for which you have already given account ID in CSV files.

Post without accounts - All the posts, for which you have not chosen the account ID in the CSV file yet.

Also in this section, you can individually select the account for each post, By clicking on the dropdown box present at the right side of each post. 

Note: Bulk Schedule doesn't work for multiple Twitter accounts. So, while creating a CSV, please add only one Twitter account ID. 
Now click on the ‘Select account” tab
In the next window, you will get to select the accounts for remaining posts with no accounts. Here you can also choose any group or client to schedule the bulk posts for except multiple Twitter accounts. (You can Bulk Schedule for only one Twitter Account at a time.)    
Click on the Schedule all Post button. Your posts are now scheduled for future use. To check your scheduled posts, click on Posts -> Manage Posts.
Your posts are now scheduled for future use. To check your scheduled posts, click on Posts -> Manage Posts.
With Bulk Scheduling, you no longer need to schedule a large number of posts manually.

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