How do I create and share/schedule posts from my calendar?

SocialPilot's calendar allows you to have an overview of your content schedule. 

How do I create posts from my calendar?

Log in to your SocialPilot account.
Go to 'Posts' > Calendar.
Now, select a date and click on that particular cell.

It'll open up the 'Create Post' pop-up.

Type your post in the text box, add a link and image (if you want) and select the account(s) you want to schedule the post for
When you click on 'Schedule Post', it asks you to select a time. The 'Add Schedule' button allows you to add multiple time slots - in case you wish to publish the post multiple times on the selected day.

And that's how you create posts - right from your calendar!

How do I reschedule posts from my calendar?

Instead of going into each post and editing the details, SocialPilot lets you re-order with just a drag and drop.

Using SocialPilot's Calendar view, you can easily shuffle your posts by dragging and dropping a post to any date you want to schedule it for.

SocialPilot's calendar lets you add filters to view posts for an account or group. You can also view posts for the week or the month or as a list.

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