How do I manage my Groups?

Add/delete accounts in a Group

Follow these steps to add/delete accounts in a group (if you haven't created a group yet, you can create one by following these steps here.)

Log into the SocialPilot account.

If you want to add accounts to a group:

Click on 'Groups' -> Manage Groups

Click the Edit button on the group you want to make changes to. You can add new accounts, delete accounts and change the group name and description as required.

Click on the 'Save' button and your selected accounts will be added to the group.

Note: To delete an account from the Group, just go to that Group and un-select the account you wish to delete.
Deleting a Group doesn't lead to deleting/disconnecting associated accounts. 

If I delete a group, will all associated accounts be deleted?

No. Deleting a Group doesn't lead to all associated accounts getting deleted. 

Can one account be added to more than one group?

Yes. You can add an account to multiple Groups. 

Is there a limit to how many accounts can be added to a Group?

No. You are free to add as many accounts to a Group, as you want. 

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