How to manage team members?

Managing your team members will include editing their levels/roles and removing them (if required).

How do I edit the role of a team member?

Follow these steps:

Click on 'Team & Client' > Manage Team

Click on the ' Edit' icon

Go ahead and edit the access level and change the team member's role to an Admin, Manager or a Content Scheduler by clicking on the respective radio button. You can also add or remove accounts (which a team member has access to) by clicking on the checkbox.

How do I remove a member?

To remove a team member from your account:

Click on 'Team & Client' > Manage Team from the sidebar.

Click on the 'Delete' icon to delete that member from the team:

Does every team member have a separate SocialPilot account?

Yes. However, he/she can use this account only to access the social accounts within the team(s). He/She will not be able to use this account to manage his/her own social accounts. 

How do I manage team member's access?

* A Manager/Content Scheduler can connect the account if they are given access.

** A Manager can remove social accounts (that he/she has access to) and they'll be removed permanently. The team will not be able to access these accounts. 

*** A Content Scheduler can remove social accounts (that he/she has access to). Only he/she will lose access to those accounts - other team members will still be able to access them.

**** All team members (Owner, Admin, Manager, Content Scheduler) can enable/disable notification for Instagram Posts from their Notification Settings.

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