How do I add RSS Feed URL in SocialPilot?

SocialPilot's RSS Feed integration allows you to share content from your favorite sites and blogs, directly on your social media.

Just add the site's or blog's RSS Feed URL in the tool. It'll update the list, including the most recently published content, and share it on your social media automatically. You can schedule this content manually, too.

How to add RSS Feed in SocialPilot?

  1. Log into the SocialPilot panel.
  2. On the Left Navigation Bar, click on Setup -> Feeds from the sidebar menu.

  1. You'll see the 'Add Feed' button. Click on it.

  1. You will see the Add Feed page. Enter the Feed Name. You can add any name for easy identification.

  1. Enter the RSS Feed URL of a site. (Make sure it's an RSS Feed URL and not just any blog URL)

  1. Select the frequency at which your new posts will be read. For example, if you set the frequency to every 12 hours, SocialPilot will read your new posts every 12 hours.


Frequency refers to the time delay we use to check for new content on a respective feed, e.g. "By every 12 hours" refers that we keep checking for new articles on your provided feed URL at intervals of every 12 hours (2 times a day). If any new article is found, it will be read according to the above-mentioned 'Number of Posts'.

If your RSS publishes a lot of articles every hour, you should select the "Every 6 hours" option.

If your RSS publishes less than 1 article a day, "Every 24 hours" would be the ideal option.

  1. Select the number of posts to be read at a time. For e.g., If you select 2 posts to be read. That means 2 new posts will be read in the frequency of every 12 hours.
  2. Type the hashtags you want to use when the feed content is published on your social networks. SocialPilot will append any 2 hashtags from the list.
  3. Select the default' Post Type' - either 'Text post' or an 'Image post.'
  4. You can choose to turn on the URL shortening for your posts.
  5. Select the account(s) from the 'Group(s)' and 'By Clients'.
  6. Once all the fields have been filled in, click on 'Save.' The new RSS feed URL has been added to your account.

Note: If you want to add more RSS feeds to your current SocialPilot plan, you can buy our add-on. For each RSS feed you add, it will cost you $5 per month only. You can add as many feeds as you want with your pre-existing limits.

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