How do I set or change a schedule for feed content?

You can set and change schedules for your feed content by making changes to the schedules for selected accounts.

Follow these steps to create/edit schedules for the accounts you wish to schedule your feed content for:

Log into your SocialPilot Dashboard.
Click on 'Accounts' > Manage Accounts.
Select the account you want to set time slots for.
Under the 'Manage Schedules' table, you can set time slots.
Select the days, type in a suitable time and click on the 'Add Time' button.

Then, click on 'Update Account'.
Now, when you create posts and use the 'Add to Queue' button, they will be scheduled according to these time slots. (Suppose you are creating a post on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m and use the 'Add to Queue' option, it will pick the next time slot you've defined.)

Note: You can click on 'Reset' or 'Default Schedule' in the top right corner of 'Manage Schedules' to edit your present schedule. 

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