How do I change the default URL shortener?

Follow these steps to change your default URL shortener:

Log in to the SocialPilot panel.
Select Settings -> URL Shortening
You'll see the 'connect URL Shortener' page.
Click on the little cross sign you see under 'Default URL shortener'.

The URL shortener you had selected as your default previously, will be removed.

Click on the URL shortener you wish to set as default.

Now, you will be led to another page where you'll be asked to authorize the account you have for that URL shortener. 
Note: You must have an account with URL shortener you wish to use.  
After you have authorized the account by entering your username and password, you'll be re-directed to SocialPilot. 
 You'll be able to see a 'Set as a default URL shortener' option in the top right corner. Click on the box.

Now, the URL shortener you selected has been set as default. 

Note: Even if you have set a default URL shortener, the posts will be published only with the URL shortener you have selected for that particular account. URL Shortening does not work on Pinterest as they consider this as a Spam and violation of their terms. Please see

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