How can I customize posts for Facebook?

SocialPilot enables social media marketers and businesses to easily customize their Facebook posts by providing advanced options. In this document, we will walk you through the various ways to customize your Facebook posts and hit your Facebook marketing metrics.

Following are the 9 ways you can customize your FB posts:

Follow these steps to create an advanced Facebook post:


In the Post Composer pop-up, select Facebook and enter the content of your post in the text editor.

If you are creating an image post, you can drag and drop the images, upload images (using the options as shown in the screenshot below) or just paste a link in the space and select the default images for your choice.

When you select or upload multiple images for a Facebook post, you can choose to share them as an Album Post or a Carousel Post.

While creating a carousel post, you can add a title and URL for each image, and select the right CTA.

An album post on Facebook will look like this:
A carousel post on Facebook will look like this:
Note: In order to share/schedule a carousel post, you must add a description and a target URL for each image. When someone clicks an image in a carousel post, they will be directed to the target URL.
You can also tag Facebook accounts in your post. Just type @ and then the name under which the account exists. Refer to the screenshot below.

Select the Facebook handle from the suggestion to add them to your post.


You can add a GIF to your Facebook Post. Click on the GIF icon and enter the right keyword or phrase to search for the right GIF.

SocialPilot has integrated Canva to let you create graphics by yourself. If you already have a Canva account then log in with your credentials.

Emoticons are a great way to convey emotions with your social media posts. It helps you engage with your audience. With SocialPilot, you can add emojis to your social media post.

If you want your post on Facebook to be visible only to a specific audience and doesn't want to show it one. Then, with SocialPilot, you can control it through Audience Targeting. Click on the 'Preferred Audience' to select the audience type to whom you want to make your post visible and select the 'Restricted Audience' to whom you don't want your post to be visible. Click here to learn more about audience targeting.

In order to increase your reach, you can use the boost post feature. Write your post content and click on the Boost Post icon. Fill in all the essential details and schedule your post.


Add a clear Call to Action to your organic Facebook Post. Select the right CTA and enter the redirect URL to drive conversions.

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