How can I share customized Posts, Reels, and Stories on Facebook?

SocialPilot enables social media marketers and businesses to easily customize their Facebook posts by providing advanced options. In this article, we will walk you through

  • Various ways to customize your Facebook posts
  • Scheduling and publishing Reels on Facebook
  • Creating and publishing Facebook Stories

Following are the ways you can customize your FB content:

Scheduling a custom Facebook Post with SocialPilot

Follow these steps to create an advanced Facebook Post:

1. In the Post Composer pop-up, select Facebook and make sure the toggle is on 'Post.' Now you can enter your content in the given field.

2. If you are creating an image post, you can drag and drop the images, upload them from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Or just paste a link in the space and select the default images of your choice.

You can use the stock images available on the SocialPilot scheduler from the Unsplash integration. Simply click on the "Add media from external source" button and search for a suitable image by typing a term in the given search bar, select the image, and click on "Add Image."

3. When you select or upload multiple images for a Facebook post, you can choose to share them as an Album Post or a Carousel Post.

While creating a carousel post, you can add a title and URL for each image and select the right CTA.

Note: In order to share/schedule a carousel post, you must add a description and a target URL for each image. When someone clicks an image in a carousel post, they will be directed to the target URL.
4. You can also tag Facebook accounts in your post. Just type @ and then the name under which the account exists. Or you can select the Facebook handle from the suggestion to add them to your post.
5. You can add GIFs to your Facebook posts from the same source where you can get your stock images from. Just click on the "Add media from external source" button and switch to the GIF tab, and you can pick from the options available.

6. SocialPilot has integrated Canva to let you create graphics by yourself. If you already have a Canva account, you can go ahead and log in with your credentials.
7. Emojis are a great way to convey emotions with your social media posts. It helps you engage with your audience. With SocialPilot, you can add emojis to your social media post.

8. With SocialPilot, you can control who sees your post and to whom it will be invisible through Audience Targeting. Click on the 'Preferred Audience' to select the audience type to whom you want to make your post visible, and select the 'Restricted Audience' to whom you don't want your post to be visible. Click here to learn more about audience targeting.
9. Add a clear Call to Action to your organic Facebook Post. Select the right CTA and enter the redirect URL to drive conversions.

10. Custom fields can add account-specific information to your post. These snippets of details which go into your content every time you post; you need to save it only once as a Custom field. After that, you can just select that field every time you create a post for that account, and all those details will be added to your post.  

11. When you add a link to your post, you can add custom UTM parameters to track it better 
and see how it performs on the platform. 

12. You can add and schedule the First Comment along with your Facebook post  or reel to be published from SocialPilot. You can add links, mention other Facebook pages, or insert hashtags in this comment to increase engagement from the post itself. You can use emojis and custom fields to further customize the post for a specific Facebook page. The character limit for the first comment is 8000.


  • The first comment can be added only when you switch to the Facebook tab from the Original Draft tab while creating a post. 
  • This first comment will be published only on the Facebook page, even if you have selected accounts from other platforms along with Facebook pages to publish the post on. 

Scheduling Reels on Facebook using SocialPilot

Yes, you can schedule reels on Facebook pages straight from the SocialPilot scheduler. This can be done the same way you schedule single images, carousels, and multiple posts from the tool. Hence, you can depend on SocialPilot for all kinds of Facebook content scheduling and publishing. 

The reel you want to schedule must be within the following limitations:

  • Size - 512 MB or less
  • Aspect ratio - 9:16
  • Resolution - 540 px X 960 px or more
  • Duration - 3 to 90 seconds

The process of scheduling a reel is pretty much the same as scheduling any other Facebook post with SocialPilot. So let us walk you through the process. 

Open the post composer in the SocialPilot tool.
Switch from the ‘Original draft’ to the ‘Facebook’ tab.

Flip the toggle from ‘Post’ to ‘Reel’ on top of the text field.

Now upload the video. You can select any suitable video from your local device or upload one from Dropbox, Google Drive or Box cloud storage.

Choose a thumbnail from the options generated by the tool.

Enter a title for the Reel in the field given below the description field. It should be within 255 characters.

Add a description for the reel. You can use emojis along with text to elaborate.

Select the Facebook page you want to publish it on and schedule the reel.

You can see the preview of the Facebook Reel on the right-hand side of the window and play the video before final scheduling for last-minute checks. You can schedule one reel at a time, keeping in line with all the criteria mentioned above. 

You can add captions, use emojis, custom fields and append UTM parameters to schedule and seamlessly publish reels on multiple Facebook pages. 

Scheduling Facebook Stories using SocialPilot

Last but not least, users can also use SocialPilot to schedule Facebook Stories to be directly published on the platform to multiple accounts. A Facebook Story can include an image and video file. However, one Story can contain only one media file at a time. 

Here are the criteria for the media files which can be posted as Facebook Stories:


  • Formats supported are .jpg .jpeg .png, and .webp
  • File size should not exceed 4MB


  • Video formats supported are .mp4 .avi* .mov
  • Resolution of the video for the Facebook Story should be at least 540 x 960 pixels
  • Duration should be between 3 to 90 seconds
  • The frame rate of a Facebook Story video must be between 24 to 60 frames per second

Now, let's see how to schedule a Facebook Story.

  1. Go to Create Post and switch from “Original Draft” to the Facebook tab.

  2. Now move the toggle button on top of the description field from Post to Story.

  3. After selecting the post type, upload the media file, be it an image, GIF, or video, from your local device, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box account. You can also upload images and from Canva or stock image sources within SocialPilot.

    You can edit an image with SocialPilot’s in-built image editor. You can switch to the Preview tab to see just how the Story will look on Facebook.

  4. Select the Facebook accounts you want to schedule the Story for from the Accounts tab.

  5. Now go to the scheduling options and set the date and time for your Story to be published.

Your Facebook Story is ready to be published on Facebook at your designated date and time.

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