How can I customize posts for LinkedIn?

SocialPilot provides much-needed flexibility for social media marketers and businesses to customize their LinkedIn posts easily. In this article, we will walk you through the various ways to customize your LinkedIn posts and hit your LinkedIn marketing metrics.

Following are the ways you can customize your LinkedIn posts:

  • Create a single image post, Album Post
  • Tag another LinkedIn account
  • Share a video post
  • Add a GIF to add humor to your post.
  • Use Canva to design graphics
  • Add Emojis to express and connect
  • Set up the Preferred audience and Restricted audience
  • Use Custom fields
  • Customized UTM parameters
  • Schedule First Comment
  • Create Document Carousel Post

Follow these steps to create an advanced LinkedIn post:

  1. In the Post Composer pop-up, select the LinkedIn tab and enter the content of your post in the space provided.
  2. If you are creating an image post, you can either upload directly from Dropbox, Box, or your local computer images or paste a link in the given space and select the images of your choice.

You can also use the stock images available on the SocialPilot scheduler from the Unsplash integration. Simply click on the "Add media from external source" button and search for a suitable image by typing a term in the given search bar, select the image, and click on "Add Image."

  1. When you select or upload 1 to 9 images for a LinkedIn post, it'll be shared as an Album Post. An album post on LinkedIn will look like this:

However, if you want to create a carousel post with images, you can just switch the toggle from Image Post to Carousel PDF. In the case of a carousel post made from images, you can upload up to 30 images.

To learn more about creating a carousel post from documents or images, click here:

Publish Document Posts on LinkedIn with SocialPilot

  1. You can also tag LinkedIn pages in your post to widen your reach. Just type @ and then the name under which the account exists.

    Select the LinkedIn page from the suggestion to add them to your post.

  2. To create a video post, click on the Add Media icon, and upload the file from your computer or from your accounts on Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

  3. Make your LinkedIn Post a little more expressive by adding a GIF. Click on the GIF tab in the "External source icon" and enter the right keyword/phrase to search for the right GIF.

  4. SocialPilot has integrated Canva to let you create graphics by yourself. If you already have a Canva account, then log in with your credentials.

  1. In addition to GIF, SocialPilot also supports adding Emojis to your LinkedIn posts to help you better convey your message.

  2. If you want your post on LinkedIn to be visible only to a specific audience, then you can control it through Audience Targeting on SocialPilot. Click here to learn more about audience targeting.

Note: Audience Targeting will work only for those accounts with more than 300 followers.

  1. You can use Custom fields to add account-specific details to your LinkedIn post. No need to enter the same snippets of details again and again. Just save them as a custom field and add them to a post while scheduling. 
  2. You can add Custom UTM Parameters to the links you share with your posts. They make tracking your social media campaigns much easier. 
  3. You can Schedule the First Comment for your LinkedIn post to be published for any profile or page. You can add links, tag other LinkedIn pages, or insert hashtags in this comment to increase engagement from the post itself. You can use emojis and custom fields to further customize the post for a specific LinkedIn account. The character limit for the first comment is 20000. 
  4. Using SocialPilot, you can create document carousel posts for LinkedIn. This type of post can be created by either uploading a PDF document directly or by uploading from 2 to 30 images directly to SocialPilot, which then combines them into a PDF document. This document can then be published on LinkedIn as a carousel post.

To see how to create a LinkedIn document carousel post with SocialPilot, click here.


  • The first comment for a LinkedIn post can be added only when you switch to the LinkedIn tab from the Original Draft tab while creating a post. 
  • This first comment will be published only on the LinkedIn profile or page, even if you have selected accounts from other platforms along with LinkedIn to publish the post on.
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