How do I invite a client?

SocialPilot's Client Management feature enables you to add clients to your team and give them access to review scheduled posts, social inbox conversations, and analytics reports.

You can add clients if you are the team's owner or admin.

How do I add clients to my team?


Log into SocialPilot and follow these steps.


Click Team & Clients in the sidebar. Then, click Invite Clients.


Click Invite Client as shown in the screenshot below.


Now, fill in all the details about your organization and your client.

Nickname: Provide a name that'll help you recognize the client.

Organization Details: If you wish to hide SocialPilot's name from the client's login page, please fill in these details. Their login page will then display your organization's name and logo (instead of SocialPilot's). Also, you can type a message for the client - inviting them to join your team.

Note: If you leave the organization details blank, the organization name and logo saved in your SocialPilot account's profile will be used as default. In case you have not saved any details in your profile, the client's login page will show SocialPilot's name and logo.

Advanced Settings: If you enable 'Can view scheduled and delivered posts', your client will have access to view, edit, and delete scheduled posts for their social accounts.

If you enable 'Can create posts', your client will have access to create posts and schedule them for their social accounts.

If you enable 'Can create posts', your client will have access to boost the Facebook Posts

Note: If you enable 'Can create posts' for a client, they will be counted as a team member. Say, you can add 5 members as per your plan and you add 5 clients with access to 'create posts'. You won't be able to add any more members.

Select Accounts: Select the social platforms you want your clients to add accounts for.

Note: Your client will be able to add accounts for only those platforms that you've selected here.


After you are done filling in all the details, click 'Create Client Link'.


Click the 'copy' icon and copy the link to clipboard. 

Send this link to your clients, ask him/her to open it in the browser and sign up. His/her sign up page will look like this:

Note: When the client opens the link to sign up, they'll see your organization's name in the title of the page. 


Now, your client can begin connecting his/her social accounts and monitoring posts.

Note: You can use one link to invite multiple clients.

How do I remove clients?

You can delete clients if your the team's owner or admin.


 Click Team & Clients in the sidebar. Then, click Manage Clients.


Click the trash icon for a client you want to remove him/her from your team.


To delete multiple clients, select the boxes for them and click 'Delete'.

To know how you manage client's access, click here.

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