How do I Invite a Client?

SocialPilot's Team and Client Management feature enables you to add clients to your team and give them access to review scheduled posts, social inbox conversations, analytics reports, and connect accounts from social platforms to which they are given access.

You can add clients if you are the team's Owner or Admin. To see how to add a Client to your team read the article mentioned below:  How do I add Team Members and Clients to my team?

When you invite a Client to SocialPilot and give them access to particular social media accounts, they occupy the role of a Manager by default with view post access. 

Note: If you enable the 'Publish Post' access for a client, they will be counted as a team member. Say you are on the Agency plan, which allows 5 team members and the owner. If you have added 5 clients with Publish Post permission, you will not be able to add any more members as all those clients will be counted as team members. Thus you will have reached your plan's limit.

Note: Your clients cannot permanently disconnect/delete their accounts. This limitation prevents you from losing all your data for an account in case a client deletes/disconnects that account. 

How do I remove Clients?

You can delete clients and other members if you are the Account Owner or Admin.

  1. Log into the SocialPilot panel.
  2. From the Profile icon on the top right corner, click on Users.

  1. You'll see the 'Users' page.

  1. Click the Delete icon for a client you want to remove him/her from your team.

To delete multiple members, select the checkboxes for them and click 'Delete'.

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