How do I Plan TikTok Posts with SocialPilot?

Does SocialPilot provide TikTok Direct Publishing?

Yes, SocialPilot provides TikTok direct publishing to its users. With our platform’s scheduling capabilities, you can plan your TikToks to publish them directly without any push notifications in between the workflow.

However, the flexible TikTok publishing options on SocialPilot still give you the choice to use mobile reminders to publish your TikToks.

It is very important that you are logged into your TikTok profile and connect it to your SocialPilot dashboard to schedule TikTok posts.

Let's take a quick look at how to connect your TikTok profile with SocialPilot:

Connecting your TikTok Account

  1. Log into your SocialPilot account.
  2. Click on 'Accounts' -> Connect Account -> TikTok.

  1. Now, authorize SocialPilot with the mandatory access it needs to publish content on TikTok. Make sure that you don't disable any of the mandatory permissions during this step.

How to Plan TikTok Videos and Publish Directly with SocialPilot?

  1. Go to ‘Create Post’ and select the TikTok tab to create your TikTok post.

  2. Click on the ‘Video Upload’ icon and select any video you want to schedule from your local drive. You can select any suitable video from your local device or upload one from Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box cloud storage.


  • The length of the TikTok video can range from 3 seconds to 10 minutes
  • The video should be in mp4 or .mov format
  • The maximum file size should be 512 MB
  • Height should be between 360 and 4096 px
  • Width should be between 360 and 4096 px
  • Frame rate to be between 23 and 60 FPS
  • Video codec - H.264, H.265
  1. Once the video is uploaded,
    • Select a thumbnail from the given stills from your video. 
    • Write a description for your TikTok in the field below. The character limit on the description is 2200 characters.
    • Add emojis and hashtags to it as well, if you want. 
    • If you want to tag accounts from the platform, mention the exact username of the user profile.

4. Now select ‘Direct Publishing’ publishing mode. Either way, the toggle is on ‘Direct Publishing’ by default.

  1. With ‘Direct Publishing,’ you need to specify a few more things before scheduling your video.

Privacy: Under this setting, you have three options that control who will be able to see your TikTok. It is mandatory for you to select any one of them to publish your post.

    • Public to everyone: This allows your video to be visible to everyone.
    • Mutual follow friends: This allows your video to be visible to your followers whom you follow back.
    • Self: This makes your video private, so only you can see it.

Note: When creating a TikTok post, if you do not specify a privacy setting, the post will automatically be set to 'Public to everyone', making it visible to all users by default.

Allow Users to: This setting allows you to set boundaries for how other TikTok users can engage with your video. You can check the relevant boxes to set the permissions:

    • Comment
    • Duet
    • Stitch

However, if these settings are turned off from your TikTok’s native privacy settings, they will override your video settings. If profile settings are on, you can turn these video settings on or off.

Note: By default, the options to allow comments, duets, and stitches on content are enabled. Subsequently, the system will remember users' last selections by storing them in the browser's cookies for future convenience.

  1. After making the necessary selections for the type of publishing and custom privacy options, now all you need to do is select the TikTok accounts of your choice and schedule your TikTok with the advanced scheduling options available on SocialPilot.

Note: You can only schedule a single video for TikTok in one go. However, you can schedule the same TikTok on multiple profiles at a time.

  1. You can now choose whether whether you are promoting your brand and/or a third party brand while creating a TikTok post through SocialPilot in order to comply with TikTok’s posting guidelines. You can find that below the privacy option.

Note: - You cannot create a Branded Content post with the privacy setting set as Self-only. Even if you have selected the privacy setting as ‘Self Only’ and then checked the Branded Content option, it will automatically be switched to ‘Public to Everyone.’

Note: If you have chosen Public to Everyone or Mutual Follow Friends in your privacy setting and checked the Branded Content option, the ‘Self Only’ option will be disabled for selection. If you hover over it, you will see a text that says, “Branded content visibility cannot be set to private.”

If you have scheduled your TikTok to be directly published, then you don't need to do anything else after this. But if your video is going to be published through a mobile reminder, there are a few more steps involved.

Let's see how we can publish TikToks with push notifications.

How to Share TikTok Videos Using Push Notifications?

You can use push notifications to publish your TikToks to make last-minute changes to your video before finally publishing it on the platform.

To publish TikToks using push notifications, make sure you install the SocialPilot app on your mobile phone. This is to ensure that mobile reminders work properly if you choose to publish posts using them. Here are the links you can use to download the SocialPilot app: Android | iOS.


  • Please make sure you are logged into your SocialPilot account on your mobile phone (the same account you used to create the post) to receive notifications. You also have to have all the notifications 'on' for the SocialPilot app.
  • If you miss the push notification or you have cleared your notification tab by mistake, don't worry. You'll have the post ready in your SocialPilot app. Click on the sidebar and tap on 'Reminders.' You'll find that same push notification post under the 'Scheduled Posts' tab; simply click on the 'Share on TikTok' button to share your post.

The initial steps for creating a TikTok are pretty much the same, despite the mode of publishing. The flow goes like this:

  1. Create Post > Select TikTok tab > Upload Video > Select Thumbnail > Add Description. 
  2. After this, you have to switch the toggle at the bottom of the description field from Direct Publishing to Mobile Reminder.

  3. Unlike Direct Publishing, you don't need to specify privacy settings for videos being published with push notifications. As you can see in the above screenshot, those options are disabled.
  4. Select the TikTok account you want to publish the video on and select the scheduling option you want to go with.
  5. Now, you'll receive a push notification on your phone at the time you scheduled the post.
  6. When you receive the push notification on your phone, please click on the 'Share' button.

  7. You'll then see a pop-up that has a preview of the post. Click on the 'Share Now' button at the bottom.

  1. Following this, you'll be prompted with a message to navigate to the chosen social media platform. Click 'Proceed'.

  1. At this point, your post's text will be copied to your clipboard.
  2. Now, you will land on your TikTok account, where you can edit your video with the TikTok image/video editor (as per your preference) and tap on the 'Next' arrow in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Remember, we copied your post description to the clipboard? Tap and hold in the caption text box and select 'Paste' on the pop-up.
  4. Your post content will be pasted. Click on the 'Post' button to share your scheduled TikTok post.

You have successfully shared your post on TikTok using SocialPilot's TikTok scheduler.

Note: If you miss the push notification or you have cleared your notification tab by mistake, don't worry. You'll have the post ready in your SocialPilot app. Click on the sidebar and tap on 'Reminders.' You'll find that same push notification post under the 'Scheduled Posts' tab; simply click on the 'Share on TikTok' button to share your post.

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