Why do I need credentials to share on my client’s TikTok account?

SocialPilot has integrated with TikTok to help you create and schedule posts. When you schedule TikTok post in SocialPilot, you'll receive a push notification for your post exactly when you have scheduled it for in your SocialPilot tool. The notification takes you into your TikTok app from where you can publish the post.

TikTok has a restricted API - it doesn't allow any third-party tool (like SocialPilot) to publish posts on it directly. The same procedure has to be followed for your clients' TikTok accounts; all you need is to have their credentials and logged into their TikTok apps to publish the scheduled posts. Therefore, you shall require your client's credentials to post their TikTok scheduled post. 

Note: In case your client is not comfortable to give you the credentials, you'll need to provide him/her with your SocialPilot account's login details although, we do not recommend this. To make the process of TikTok scheduling easier, you will need your client's credentials to manage their TikTok accounts. 
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