How can I customize posts for Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile listing is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Your customers are online and to make your business visible, build credibility, and drive footfalls, you need to have a well-managed GBP listing. 

With SocialPlot, you can customize your GBP listing along with managing your content publishing on other social media platforms.

In this document, we will explore the different ways to make your GBP listing stand out.

Types of Post you can do on your Google Business Profile listing with SocialPilot are as follows:

Note: This feature is not available for Individual plan users.  

Follow these steps to create an advanced GBP post from your SocialPilot account.


Click on "Posts >> Create Post" in the sidebar menu.


In the "Create Post" Pop-up, select GBP and enter the content of your post in the space provided. Add a link along with the post content to create a Link Post.

If you are creating an image post, you can either upload an image from a local device, your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, or paste a link in the space and select the images of your choice.

You can use the stock images available on the SocialPilot scheduler from the Unsplash integration. Simply click on the "Add media from external source" button and search for a suitable image by typing a term in the given search bar, select the image, and click on "Add Image."

Note: Google Business Profile doesn't allow video post sharing their API.

When you click on the Call to Action Button, you can select your call to action text. A new box will appear asking for the link you want to integrate with your Call-To-Action button. Paste your link in the box.


Create engaging images for your GBP post by yourself through a built-in Canva integration. Just log in with your credentials and attach images that you want to schedule and publish.


Emojis add emotions and bring clarity to your message. It helps you express the feelings behind your post and engage your audience. With SocialPilot, you can search and add the right Emoji that go well with your post.


To add account-specific details to your GBP post, you can use Custom fields. No need to enter the same snippets of details again and again. Just save them as a custom field and add them to a post while scheduling.


You can add Custom UTM Parameters to the links you share with your posts. They make tracking your social media campaigns much easier. 

With all these customizations in your grasp, make advanced Google Business Profile posts and bring all those potential customers to your doorstep. 

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