How do I pause my SocialPilot subscription?

SocialPilot’s “Pause Account” feature allows you to temporarily stop your account and keep your data safe and configuration intact while you decide to take a break from managing your social media marketing from our tool.

You can resume your account whenever you feel like amid the paused duration and access your saved data and configurations, to start using the tool again.

What is the maximum duration for which the account can be paused?

Both monthly, as well as yearly subscribers, can pause their SocialPilot subscription for a duration of 30 days.

How do the payments work in Paused accounts?

For monthly users, payment deduction will be paused from their next billing date.

For yearly users, payment deduction will be paused from the day they click on the pause account button.

Note: In the duration of the pause, your card will not be charged for any payments

How to pause your account?


Open your SocialPilot dashboard and click on the profile icon on the top right. Click on your Profile from the drop-down menu.


Click on  ' Cancel Account' from the right side menu. And choose the Cancel Account button.


A new window will open. Click on the ' Pause Subscription for 30 days’ button.


In the new pop-up window, click on confirm.

Click on the checkbox to select the duration for which your account will be paused.
Now click on the blue 'Pause Account' button.

Congratulations! You will receive an on-screen message and email notification once your account is paused for the chosen duration and your card will not be charged for any payments during this pause.

How to reactivate your Paused account?

Log in to your SocialPilot account. You will see a screen asking to either re-activate or totally cancel your account
Click on 'Reactivate Account'. Congratulation! We have received your request. You will be notified through email once your account is reactivated.

Note: Users operating accounts as team members, need to reach out to the account owner for reactivation.

How long my paused account will take to be reactivated?

For monthly subscriptions, the account will be reactivated in a span of a minute.
For yearly subscriptions, it'll be activated in up to 24 hours.

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