Image Guidelines

You will be able to append up to 10 images for the selected few platforms. The below table will help you understand the image limits for each platform:

For all the platforms that have less than 10 images allowed to be published, the number of images will be chronologically added, which means the 1st image will be added for Pinterest and Google Business Profile. The first 4 images will be published on Twitter. And the first 9 images will be used for LinkedIn posts.

For Facebook and Tumblr, the platform allows us to have all 10 images shared. 

For your Instagram personal profile, you can share up to 10 images via our Reminder feature. In the case of the Instagram business profile, It'll share the post with up to 10 images. 

You can refer to our blog for more information on the recommended dimensions to post on various platforms: Click here for the social media image sizes cheat sheet. You can fix the image size with this information with the tool's image editing feature manually, so they qualify for publishing. 

If the size of the image you scheduled exceeds the size allowed on the platform, SocialPilot will resize the image internally so it is within limits allowed by the platform.

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