How can I customize post for Instagram?

Earlier, Instagram had API restrictions that did not make direct publishing possible; however, Instagram has revised its policies and has permitted direct publishing for Instagram for Business accounts only. (If it's a Creator Account you have in your Instagram, it'll not work. It'll work with Instagram Business Accounts only).

For Personal Instagram accounts, the publishing will require a SocialPilot mobile app in order to push the notifications through. Here is how it works.

However, with the Instagram Creator account, you will only be able to view the analytics (or download as per your subscription)

Following are the 6 ways you can customize your Instagram posts:

  • Create an image post by uploading graphics directly from dropbox, box, or your local computer. You can also add a public URL to upload images.
  • Tag another Instagram account to expand your reach.
  • Share a video post to build your audience's trust.
  • Use Canva to design graphics by yourself and attach it to your post without leaving SocialPilot.
  • Add Emojis to express your feelings behind your post and connect with your audience.
  • Tag location in your posts to reach out to your audience in that area.

If you are creating an image post, you can either upload images (using the options as shown in the screenshot below) or just paste a link in the space and select the default images for your choice.

You can also tag other Instagram handles on your post. Just type @ and then the name under which the account exists. It'll act as a tag when post publish on your Instagram. Refer to the screenshot below.

To create a video post, click on the Video icon, and upload the file from your computer. 

SocialPilot has integrated Canva to let you create graphics by yourself. If you already have a Canva account, then log in with your credentials.
You can add emotions to your Instagram Post. 

Add location to your Instagram posts to reach out to people in your vicinity. This is a great addition for small businesses who want to promote their products/services in their locality.

  • Only files with these extensions are allowed: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, mp4, avi, mov.
  • The image should have an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 1.91:1 (An aspect ratio describes the ratio between the width and its height.)
  • Your video should be of a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds for direct publishing on Instagram. If your video doesn't meet this guideline, it'll not let you share through direct publishing. You can schedule those videos through our reminder feature.
  • In case of your account being a personal one, or in case of multiple images, you will have to push the “Reminders” from the notification you will receive on your SocialPilot Mobile app as the option always defaults to direct publishing. If there are multiple images and you do not switch to mobile reminders, then only the first image will publish directly. 
  • GIF will be posted as a static image.
  • You'll only be able to share up to 25 posts for an account in 24 hours, using the Direct publishing option to an Instagram Business Account. Natively or through Reminders, the user can post unlimited.

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