How To Apply A Discount Code?

Once you are ready to upgrade your plan from trial to a paid subscription, please ensure you read the list of features associated with the plan before proceeding. 

The list of features and payment can be found here:

Choose your subscription billing either as Monthly:

Or Annual:

Once you choose the plan (after reading the features associated), you will find the option to make your payment on the bottom right of the screen:

Click on the Proceed to Payment button. You will be navigated to the next screen asking you to fill in your payment details and (remove existing coupon code for yearly plans only) apply the given coupon code:

For monthly discounts insert the coupon code in the box allocated and click on Apply (for monthly billing there will not be any option to remove an existing discount code):

Once you apply the coupon code, your revised and effective billing will appear. 

Read the Policy, terms, and conditions, and click on the checkbox, then click on subscribe:

For any assistance on this, please feel free to send an email to

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