How to enable Instagram Direct Messages (DM) & Story mentions from the settings?

To manage your Direct Messages and Story Mentions in SocialPilot, you’ll need to follow the next two steps. You can also enable it via Facebook Business Suite.

Step 1: Connect Inbox to renew authorizations

The easiest way to make sure you granted us the permissions is to reconnect with your Facebook profile and accept the permissions requested. This will simply renew your token which is necessary for us to retrieve the DMs.

In order to do so, please go to your SocialPilot Inbox for Instagram, and click on the blue reconnect button.

It will take you to Facebook to authorize. To continue, add a password, and accept the permissions by clicking on Continue.

Note: Make sure you are connected to the right Facebook account to renew your Instagram profiles.

Step 2: Allow access to Messages in the Instagram app

You'll need to enable Allow access to Messages option in the Instagram mobile app:

  1. Select the Instagram Business profile
  2. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Messages
  3. Toggle on Allow access to Message

You can now receive and send Direct Messages and Story Mentions from the SocialPilot Inbox for your Instagram Business profile(s).

Note:  Repeat the above steps for each Instagram Business profile you’d like to activate the Instagram DMs on.

Enable Instagram Direct Messages and Story mentions through Business Suite.


Login to your Facebook. Go to the Facebook Page where your Instagram is linked, and go to Facebook Business Suite. Refer to the screenshot given below:


Under Facebook Business Suite, you will see a warning message showing in the screenshot given below. Click on Get Started.


You'll be asked to grant the permissions - please proceed by clicking on the Continue button. We need these permissions to be able to retrieve Instagram DMs for your profile.


Next, it'll redirect you over to Instagram where you need to provide the associated Instagram ID and Password for authentication.

And you're done! You will get the successful message shown below:

Now go to SocialPilot Social Inbox for Instagram, and click on the reload button to sync the direct messages in your SocialPilot.

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