How can I tag an image on Instagram?

SocialPilot now allows you to tag public profiles on images while scheduling your post on Instagram via Direct Publishing. Read on to find out how you can tag users to your image.

Start by creating your post on SocialPilot. Click on Posts > Create Post

You can add your content and image from the Original draft tab. Upload images from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box or use stock images available in the SocialPilot scheduler.  Navigate to the Instagram tab to tag your image.


From the Instagram Tab, you will be able to see the ‘Tag Profiles' button on your uploaded image. Click on the button to open the Tag pop-up. 

Note: Instagram Image tagging is available for all the images (up to 10) for posts sent via Direct Publishing. Tags are not supported for mobile reminders.
From the popup, you can click anywhere on the image to tag the profile to that point. The profile will be tagged to that spot on your Instagram post.

Type in the handle of the account you wish to tag. For example, @socialpilot_co 

You can click on the Verify Account button to check if the handle you wish to tag is correct. This will redirect you to that profile’s page on Instagram.

Note: Due to Instagram API restrictions, you cannot tag private profiles.
You can tag up to 9 public profiles on your image. That includes business profiles, creator profiles, or profiles that are set to public. Due to restrictions in Instagram’s API, you cannot tag profiles that are set to private.
You can move the tag around on the image if required by dragging the tag to the correct spot. To remove a tag, simply click on the x button on the tag. Once you are done tagging Instagram users to your image, click on Save.
You will see the total number of profiles tagged in your uploaded image. You can click on it again to change your tags as needed. The Post Preview will show you the placement of your tags on your image. 

Schedule your post by choosing any of your scheduling options like Add to Queue, Share Now, Share Next, etc. Your post will look like this on Instagram. 

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