How to add a watermark to my images and create branded posts?

SocialPilot allows its users to create customized posts at scale by adding watermarks to image posts giving them a branded aesthetic when publishing on social media platforms. This reinforces brand recognition in people’s minds. 

You can add watermarks to your social media images through SocialPilot through two different methods:

A. Automatic watermark at an account level

B. Add watermark to individual posts

Let us show you both methods so you can select the one most convenient for you.

A. Automatic Watermark at an Account Level

You can set up a custom watermark for a single social media account, and every image post you publish from that point will have that watermark without fail. You upload any image you want and customize it within the SocialPilot using the in-app editor.

The resultant watermark you save for that specific account will be carried by every image post you publish through SocialPilot on that account.

Note: You will not be able to customize the watermark you set at the account level for every post.

Here are the simple steps to follow to set up a watermark for a specific social account:

  1. From the SocialPilot dashboard, go to Accounts and select Manage Accounts.

  1. Go to the desired account and click on the Edit sign on it.

  1. In the Edit menu, select the Watermarks tab.

  1. Now upload the image you want to set as your watermark. You can upload it from your cloud storage or local device or copy a watermark you have set for another account.

  1. Now if need be, edit the watermark image in the image editor by clicking the edit sign below the uploaded image. You can crop the image, apply filters, add text or stickers to it, and much more.
  2. Next, adjust the opacity and size of the watermark by controlling the respective controls. You can set the position of the watermark to any of the corners by clicking on the respective quadrant given under Watermark Position.

  1. You can copy this watermark to other accounts as well by clicking on Copy to other account and then selecting the ones you want from the list.

  1. Once you are done with all the customizations, just click on Save.

Now every image post being published on this social account through SocialPilot will bear this watermark you have set up.

You can change the watermark you have set up or delete it by going to

Manage Account>> Edit Account>> Watermarks >> Delete.

However, if you want to put a specific watermark on a specific image post, it can be easily done by manually creating them in the image editor. Read on to learn how.

B. Add Watermark to Individual Posts

You can insert a custom watermark into a specific image post you want using the image editor to create customized image posts.

Here are the steps to follow:


Open your image into the Image editor.


Go to the ‘Sticker’ function on the left menu bar.


Select the image you want to make into a watermark and insert it.


Position it and adjust its size to your liking.


Click on the 100% icon beside the image. This is the opacity control.


Reduce the percentage of opacity to create a watermark.


And click on Done.


  • If you make any changes to an image post in any particular social media platform tab, the original draft will remain unchanged. 
  • If the edits are done to the original draft, the changes will be visible on all the platforms.
  • All edits made to an image are reversible till before you click on the ‘Done’ tab. 
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