How to reply to Comments on LinkedIn Posts?

Managing all the comments flooding your LinkedIn pages is a challenging task. But SocialPilot’s LinkedIn inbox eases it all. Respond to every comment by accessing them from a single space.

The comments and responses made from the SocialPilot inbox will be visible to the public on the native LinkedIn page. Here’s all that you can do with the inbox:

  • Reply to others’ comments
  • Add emojis to your replies and comments
  • Delete a comment anytime you want
  • Delete a post permanently from the page by clicking on the “Delete” icon above the post

You can access all comments being made in real-time and also scoop out older ones, dating back to 3 months

Note: The comments which are visible in the inbox will be the ones that were made after that  LinkedIn page was connected to the SocialPilot account.

Here are the steps to access the LinkedIn inbox and reply to comments and respond to posts from SocialPilot:


Log into your SocialPilot account.


Go to the Inbox, then select LinkedIn.


Select the LinkedIn page you want to see the comments from.


You will be able to see all comments along with their posts. Select the conversation.


Click on the Reply icon below the comment and enter your response.


To post a new comment on the post, click on the comment icon just below the post and enter your response.

After replying to a particular comment, click on “Move to done.” Doing so will shift and store the thread in a separate tab called Done. Hence this thread will not show up under the Inbox tab.

Note: SocialPilot’s LinkedIn inbox is not available for direct messaging or for LinkedIn accounts.

SocialPilot offers social inboxes for other social media platforms as well. Click here to check out the social inbox features and boost your engagement further. 

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