Does SocialPilot support scheduling videos to YouTube?

SocialPilot now supports scheduling and posting videos on YouTube for its users, which it previously did not. This scheduling ability will help you completely automate the process of your YouTube marketing. The easy use of video content will enable you to get a larger exposure on social media.

Does SocialPilot allow publishing YouTube Shorts?

Yes, you can publish regular videos as well as Shorts from the tool’s integrated dashboard. But while scheduling any video, you don't have to specify its type. SocialPilot will automatically recognize it as Shorts or a regular video and publish it accordingly. 

These are the specifications a video has to have to be identified as a YouTube Shorts

  • It must be vertically oriented.
  • The duration of the video must be less than 60 seconds.

When a video has these criteria, SocialPilot will publish it as a Shorts. The norms for a regular video varies slightly.

  • For a regular YouTube video, 16:9 is the ideal aspect ratio.
  • The duration of a regular video can be:
    • For verified channel - 12 hours
    • For unverified accounts - 15 mins

 To learn more about verified YouTube accounts, click here.

All you have to do is connect your YouTube channel to your SocialPilot account and you are set to upload your videos on YouTube. 

Connect your YouTube channel to your SocialPilot account:

Log into your SocialPilot account.

Go to Connect Account > YouTube > Connect Channel.

Log into your Gmail account > select the YouTube channel.

Allow access to SocialPilot to manage your YouTube account.

You will get a message that your channel has been connected.

Once you get the channel connected to SocialPilot, you are all synced up with the tool and ready to schedule your videos. If you want to see how to easily publish your video content on YouTube, click here.  

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