Manage your posts from SocialPilot

If you want to make any edits to the content or publishing dates to the post you have already drafted or scheduled, you can do it either from the 'Manage Posts' tab or from the Calendar. We'll walk you through both routes. 

Check out a quick overview of how you can manage all your posts in SocialPilot:

First, let's see how to do it from 'Manage Post.' 

When you go to Manage Posts page, you will get the list view of all types of posts under separate tabs. These contain tabs like Queued posts, Unscheduled, Error, Delivered and Pending Approval.

Edit a Queued Post

  1. Find the post you wish to edit and click on the 'Edit' icon, as shown below.

  2. An 'Edit Post' pop-up will appear. 

  3. Here you can make changes to the content of the post, i.e., text and attachments (images, video, GIF). 
  4. After you're done editing, click on the 'Update'  button to save your changes. 

To 'Copy' or 'Duplicate' posts from one account to another

If you have created and scheduled posts for certain accounts which you want to schedule for other accounts as well, you can do it in two ways using the functions in the Manage Post menu.

Copy a Post

  1. Go to 'Queued Posts.'
  2. You’ll find the Duplicate button when you hover over each queued post. 

  3. Click on the button to edit and reschedule it again to the platform of your choice. 

Copy Multiple Posts

  1. From the list of all the scheduled posts, select the ones you want to copy one by one by checking the box on their left side. 
  2. You can select multiple posts at a time. Just click on the 'Select All' checkbox to select all the posts in the queue.  
  3. Click on the 'Copy To' button and select the accounts you want to copy these posts to.
  4. Note that the copied posts will have the same time schedule as they were set for in the queue. 

Re-share a Post once it is Published

If you want to share a post that has been published once again, you have to go from the 'Queued Posts' tab to the 'Delivered' tab. This tab contains all the posts which have already been shared in the past 85-90 days. 

  1. Posts ->> Manage Posts ->> Delivered Posts.
  2. Now scroll to the post you want to schedule again.
  3. When you move your cursor to the post, the 'Reshare Post' button appears below. Click on it. 

  4. Now select the accounts you want to reshare the post on and schedule them as you wish. 

If you don't wish to re-share posts individually or immediately, then these features will help you store all the data of your posts:

  • Export your posts as a CSV - You can save all of your selected posts under any of the tabs in the form of a CSV and re-schedule them to your social media profiles using our Bulk Scheduling feature.
  • Save it as Drafts - To save your published posts as drafts, click on the 'Reshare Post' button and then click on the 'Save as draft' button. The posts will be saved as drafts for you to schedule/share later.
  • From the native platform - Go to your social media profile, find the post you wish to re-share and use our Browser Extension to add it to your queue.

How to Delete Published Posts?

There are instances when you might publish one or multiple posts with mistakes. But now you have to go to every single social profile to delete it personally. But SocialPilot allows users to delete posts that have already been published on some social media platforms.

You can find all published posts in the Delivered tab on the Manage Posts page. When you delete a post from the delivered tab, it will lead to the post being deleted from the platform it had been published on.

Any member in a SocialPilot account who holds the role of Owner, Admin, or Manager will be able to delete a published post. However, some platforms have API restrictions. Hence here is an overview to show you which type of social accounts will let you delete a delivered post from SocialPilot.

Platforms Delete Delivered Post Capability
Twitter Yes
LinkedIn Profile Yes
LinkedIn Page Yes
Facebook Page Yes
Facebook Group No
Pinterest Board Yes
Google Business Profile Yes
All Instagram Profiles No
YouTube Channel Yes
TikTok No

Follow these steps to learn how to delete a published post from SocialPilot:

  1. Go to Posts ->> Manage Posts ->> Delivered tab.
  2. When you hover over the post you want to delete, you will be able to see the Delete button.

  1. Click on the button and give the final permission to delete the post from the account it had been published on.

After this, your post would have been deleted from SocialPilot as well as the social media tab it had been published on.

Note: Deleting any delivered post from an account that is in Reconnect or has been deleted from SocialPilot is not possible.

Content Calendar

As mentioned in the beginning, you can edit and reschedule your posts as well as edit and schedule drafts with dates from the Calendar in SocialPilot. The primary function of the calendar is to get a bird's eye view of your content schedule across all accounts. 

Note: The drafts that have been saved with dates are the only drafts visible on the Calendar. The drafts without dates cannot be seen in the Calendar view.

To access the Calendar, go to 'Posts' > Calendar. 

Filter calendar view according to day/week/month

You can filter your calendar to view scheduled posts for particular accounts. You can also filter your calendar by 'Group' or by adding a keyword. Lastly, you can filter the content cards according to their statuses, i.e., whether they are queued posts, delivered posts or with dates. 

There are 4 types of Calendar views available. They are:

  • List view
  • Day-wise view
  • Weekly-view 
  • Monthly-view

Select a view by clicking on the corresponding option.

To create new posts or drafts from the calendar, all you have to do is click on the date or time slot you want. The post-composer popup will open up. You can easily create and schedule directly from here. 

Edit a post or draft from the calendar

Editing a post from the calendar is pretty simple. 

1. Just go to the upcoming post or draft and click on it.  

2. When the pop-up with the post details appears, just click on the edit icon and edit the content. 

3. Lastly, click on 'Update' or 'Update Draft' to make the edits you make ready to publish. 

Reorder your queued post using the calendar

Instead of going into each post and editing the details, SocialPilot lets you re-order with just a drag and drop.

Using calendar view, you can easily shuffle your posts or drafts by dragging and dropping a post to any date you want to schedule it for.

The calendar view provides you with 4 specified time slots for every hour of the day, on which you can drag and drop your posts. This way, your posts can be rescheduled without you having to specify the new date & time manually.

These granular-time slots are available in the week and day view on the calendar. 

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