How can I customize posts for Pinterest?

SocialPilot enables you to create and schedule customized posts on Pinterest. This eases the way for marketers to publish tailor-made Pins to multiple accounts at once. 

In this article, we will go through the process of composing a Pinterest post and customizing it at the same time. 

Let's begin:

Log into SocialPilot and go to 'Create Post.'

In the post composer, switch from 'Original Draft' to the Pinterest tab.


Now compose your post by uploading images or a single GIF by clicking the 'Add Media' button or dropping your files directly into the given space. You can also create your own design and upload it directly from Canva.


Edit the image to fit the aspect ratio requirements of the platform within SocialPilot. You can also add alt text to it for people who are using Screen readers to access visual content.

Note: You can upload multiple images for your Pin and later on select any one of them to be published on Pinterest. If you do not select a particular one, the first one in the queue will be selected by default.


Next, you have to enter the rest of the content in the given fields:

  • Destination link- Enter the link for your content. You cannot shorten URLs here as shortened links are often read as spammy ones by the platform. UTM parameters will automatically be activated for the link you enter. Read more on Pinterest's rules here
  • Title- Enter any title you want for your Pin within 100 characters.
  • Description- You can enter your content here within 500 characters. Add emojis and customize the post for different accounts by using Custom fields and UTM parameters as well.  

Now select one or multiple accounts you want the pin to go on.


Go to the scheduling options and schedule the post as you prefer.

Note : If you want to share an article link as a Pin, just paste the URL of it under 'Destination link.' The post-composer will automatically read and fill in the rest of the details. The page title will be taken as the 'Title,' and the meta description will become the 'Description.' All the images on the original page will be uploaded, from which you can select one to go with your post.

So, creating and publishing Pinterest-specific posts is now quick, and you don't need to worry about manually customizing each and every element as it is all taken care of by SocialPilot in a single dashboard.  

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