Slack Integration in SocialPilot

Slack, as a communication channel for professional teams, is very commonly used. A single user can be a part of different channels or workspaces, as they call it, on Slack simultaneously. So SocialPilot has brought about Slack app integration onto the platform. Now users can connect multiple Slack channels to their SocialPilot account, and these channels will receive notifications in real-time about their account on those channels. 

You can connect up to 20 Slack workspaces in your SocialPilot account and get notifications based on the options you select. 

But first of all, you need to establish a connection between the SocialPilot app and your Slack account. 

How to Connect SocialPilot with A Slack Workspace

It can be done in two ways.

Through Slack:

The procedure to connect SocialPilot to your Slack account is fairly simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your browser and search for Slack App Directory
  2. Enter “SocialPilot” in the search bar and find the app. 
  3. Click on Sign in to Install. Then sign into your slack account. 

  4. Select the workspace to which you want to add SocialPilot to. 

  5. SocialPilot will be integrated into your Slack and will be visible under Apps in the left-hand side menu. 

  6. Now click on the Connect Account button.
  7. You will be redirected to the SocialPilot login page. Log into your account, and this Slack workspace will be connected to your SocialPilot account. 

Through SocialPilot:

  1. Go to Settings on your SocialPilot  >>  Click on Slack Integration

  2. Click on the Connect Slack Workspace button. 

  3. Give the permission to integrate the two networks by selecting Allow.  

Your Slack channel will be integrated into your SocialPilot account, and this will be confirmed when you immediately receive a welcome message on your Slack app. 

Now let's see what advantages you will have by connecting both platforms.

SocialPilot Notifications on Slack Workspace

As mentioned in the beginning, users can connect up to 20 slack workspaces into a single SocialPilot account. This will allow you to get notifications for all the important goings-on in the SocialPilot account involved. 

The Home section in the SocialPilot channel on slack will show you a summary of all the relevant issues in your SP account. The Messages will show each individual issue as a single notification, received just after it took place. The About section can redirect you to the SocialPilot homepage or to the Slack app directory. 

The following types of notifications are available for you to receive through Slack:

  • Billing Information- These notifications are related to any kind of payment or billing information. Users cannot opt out of receiving this type of notification.

  • Social Account Disconnect- SocialPilot will let you know whenever any social media account connected to it gets disconnected for any reason through a Slack notification. You can click on Reconnect in the notification to begin the process of connecting that account back.

  • Pending Approval- Whenever any post is put in the Pending approval queue and waiting for your approval, SocialPilot will fire a notification on Slack. You can see who in your team has created the post and directly go to that post from Slack to assess it and take necessary action.

  • Post and Ads Errors- Whenever a post encounters any sort of error and does not get published as scheduled, the user will get notified about it. Any unscheduled post will also generate a message in Slack asking you to schedule it. You can access these posts directly from the respective Slack notification. You will be able to see individual posts with their contents in the messages section of Slack in the SocialPilot integration.

Note: Except for the notifications about billing and payments, all other types of notifications can be switched off if the user wants to opt out of them.

You can change  the notification settings from Slack as well as the SocialPilot dashboard.

Notification Settings from Slack

  1. Go to SocialPilot on your Slack workspace and go to Home.
  2. Click on Notification Settings.
  3. You will see a pop-up with the three categories of notifications. Move the toggle to deactivate or activate any type of notification. All of them will be active by default.

Notification Settings from SocialPilot 

  1. Go to Slack Integration of the dashboard.
  2. Hover over the Slack channel you want to access and click on the edit button in its right corner. 

  3. Move the toggle for the types of notifications you want to change and save the changes you’ve made in the settings. 

All the SocialPilot notifications received on Slack are in real-time. This allows users to react to them and take necessary actions a lot faster than checking their emails and then doing so every time. 

Note: People who are using white-label solutions will not be able to use Slack integration with SocialPilot. White-label changes the user experience of SocialPilot, replacing the logo of the tool with the user's brand logo. But such customization is not possible on Slack and the tool's logo is visible, hence defeating the white-label's main purpose. Hence to preserve the customized branding experience of white-label features, Slack integrations for these users is unavailable.

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