What is Missing role on LinkedIn Page?

When page owners on LinkedIn invite others onto their page to manage them, they assign them one of the four page admin roles available according to the set of tasks they perform or the level of access they need. You can set these roles by accessing the Admin view and then clicking on the Admin Tools menu.

Here are the roles:

Super Admin- This role manages everything on the Page. It’s the only role that can edit the Page and manage all admins.

Content Admin- This role posts and manages content, comments for the page, and exports analytics.

Curator- This role recommends content for employees to post and can view and explore analytics.

Analyst-This role only views and exports analytics on LinkedIn and will have limited access on 3rd party partner tools.

From the above four roles, only the Super Admin and the Content Admin are allowed to create and schedule posts for the LinkedIn page. If the page owner changes the role of a member from any of the two above-mentioned roles to that of a Curator or Analyst, they will not be able to create posts on the page.

Missing Role on LinkedIn Page for SocialPilot

When users want to manage their LinkedIn pages through SocialPilot but do not have the appropriate role of either a Super Admin or Content Admin, two error scenarios might occur:

Unable to Connect a Page

If a user goes to connect their Linkedin pages to SocialPilot, they will not be allowed to do so without having the role of Super Admin or Content Admin on that page.

When a user is connecting their LinkedIn account to SocialPilot, they get to select the pages they want to manage through SocialPilot. In the list of pages shown, only the ones on which the user has the roles of Super Admin or Content Admin will be shown. The pages on which they have roles other than Super Admin or Content Admin, won't be shown.

So the user won't be able to connect the LinkedIn pages with missing roles to SocialPilot.

Unable to Publish Post

Another scenario might come up in which a user had a LinkedIn page connected to SocialPilot. They had the required role on the page to manage them from SocialPilot. But due to some reason, the LinkedIn page owner has changed the role of the member, which is neither Super Admin nor Content Admin.

So when the user with the missing role schedules a post to that LinkedIn page, it ultimately goes to the error tab at the time of publishing with the "Missing Role" message rather than being published.

Once it is detected that the user is missing role on the LinkedIn page, it will be reflected in the accounts section with a caution icon beside those pages of the create post modal as well. This alerts the users not to schedule posts for this page.

How to fix this?

To fix either of the scenarios, the user will have to acquire an appropriate role. To be able to manage your LinkedIn pages efficiently with  SocialPilot, you would have to ask the owner or a Super Admin of the LinkedIn page to grant you either of the two roles required.  After that, go to the SocialPilot dashboard and click Refresh on the Missing Role tooltip.

Here are the simple steps to follow to aquire the page owner:

  1. From the Admin View of the LinkedIn page, go to Admin tools and select Manage Admins.

  2. Go to the member whose role you want to change and click on Edit Page role icon.

  3. Select either of the relevant roles: Super Admin or Content Admin. At last, save the changes.

After acquiring the role missing earlier, the user can go to the error tab to reschedule the posts which had gone to error instead of being published.

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