How to Create Advanced Reports for Multiple Social Accounts

The analytics and reporting section of SocialPilot provides in-depth data and insights on the social media accounts of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profiles connected to it. You can download, email or schedule PDFs of these analytics reports to team members, clients, or other stakeholders.

Users also have the flexibility to manage reports for one account at a time or merge several social media analytics reports into one consolidated analytics report using our Advanced Reports feature.

You can select up to 10 social media accounts you wish to include in one report and create, edit, manage, and auto-schedule the combined reports from the same dashboard.

Create a Report for Single or Multiple Accounts

Let us see how you can get started with creating a new report:

  1. Go to the Analytics section in the left menu bar and click on Manage Reports.

  2. From the Manage Reports page, click on Create Report button and select the desired accounts you want to include in your report. Filter the account view by Groups, Teams, Clients, or Platforms. You can select 1 to 10 accounts.

  3. Now click on Create Report. After the new report has been created, you will be shown the Analytics of the first account selected.

The Advanced Report has been created. After these steps, you will be redirected to the ‘Edit Report’ page. The list of accounts shown in the right column will be in the order in which the analytics will appear in the consolidated report.

Manage Reports

You can edit and make changes to these Advanced Reports from the ‘Manage Reports’ page, where you can get a complete view of all your generated reports. You can see the following details of each report on the ‘Manage Reports’ page:

  • Report Name
  • Number of accounts in each report
  • Time period 
  • Schedule of the report

If you want to edit any of your reports, follow this trail:

Menu bar >> Analytics >> Manage Reports >> Edit icon on the relevant report.

You can also delete an entire report by clicking on the delete icon beside the edit button.

Note: All scheduled reports will be visible on the ‘Manage Reports’ dashboard,

Irrespective of whether it is an Advanced Report or a classic one scheduled from the platform-wise analytics section.

You can modify certain details of any report, such as:

  1. Rename the report from the automatically generated title from the system. The character limit for the report name is 100 characters.

  2. Change the order of the accounts in the report by rearranging the current sequence using the drag option.

  3. You can Add more accounts or Delete the existing ones from the report.

  4. You can change the effective time period for the reports. You can select any time period from the given options - 7 days, 15 days, 1 month, or 3 months.

  5. Download the PDF of the report yourself, or send it to others via the Email option.
  6. You can also Schedule the PDF report to be sent on a weekly or monthly basis to the designated emails.

  7. If required, you also have the option to Unschedule an already scheduled report by clicking on the Schedule Report icon and then selecting “Unschedule.”


  • When scheduled on a monthly basis, reports will be sent at 10:00 am PST on the 1st of the next month.
  • If scheduled on a weekly basis, the reports will be sent at 10:00 am PST but on the selected day of the week.
  • Any report which is currently scheduled to be sent will have an active Schedule icon with a green indicator. One which hasn’t been scheduled will be greyed out.

Advanced Reports Access

Advanced Reports are not accessible to every team member of a SocialPilot account. Here is the summarized view of the access to single-account reports and combined reports.

Owner - They can create as well as access all kinds of reports, irrespective of who created them.

Admin - They, too, can create and access every report as an owner does.

Manager - They can create advanced reports and single account reports, but they can’t view or access merge reports created by any other member of the team.

Content Scheduler and Client - They have no access to the Manage Reports page, but they can still create single account reports from Analytics.


  • If an account in an Advanced Report gets disconnected/removed from SocialPilot due to any reason, the analytics of it won't be available in the report. 
  • If a Manager creates an Advanced Report with accounts A, B, and C and the Admin or Owner takes away access to account B from the Manager, then the analytics data from account B will be omitted from that Advanced Report.

It's worth mentioning that the Manage Reports page and its functionalities are only available for users with Agency plan or above. If you are on a Professional or Small Team plan, you need to update to the higher plans.

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