How to Collaborate on Drafts with Team Members

SocialPilot has an excellent team and client workflow, which allows all the members to seamlessly work in tandem and exchange ideas, opinions, and feedback to create and publish content successfully. 

Under the content creation functions, users can create posts and save them as drafts. Drafts in a SocialPilot workspace can be shared with other team members so they can edit or add to these drafts.

Here are the two scenarios for drafts:

  • Keep Drafts Private- Under this setting, all the drafts created will only be visible to the creator.
  • Enable Collaboration- If you change your setting to this one, the drafts created in your workspace will be visible to the team members who have access to the accounts the draft has been created for.

However, it is the choice of the Account Owner or the Admin whether they want to enable the draft sharing or keep it private. No other team member or Client can change the visibility of drafts.

Enabling collaboration on drafts leads to global sharing of drafts. All the drafts in your SocialPilot account will be visible to all your team members, given they have the necessary permissions for the relevant accounts. You can not choose particular drafts to share.

Let's see how to make drafts in SocialPilot sharable.

How to Share Drafts with Team Members

As mentioned earlier, if you are an Admin or the Account Owner and want to see or change the settings of your drafts’ visibility, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your SocialPilot account.
  2. On the main dashboard, go to the Settings icon and click on it.
  3. Now select the option that says “Collaborate on Drafts.”

  1. Here, you will be given two options. You can either “Keep Drafts Private” or “Enable Collaboration.” Selecting the latter option will make all your drafts visible to relevant team members, and they will be able to collaborate on them.

After enabling the draft sharing option, drafts created by other members of your team might appear in your Drafts list and vise-versa. You can edit, delete or schedule these drafts.

Note: Drafts created by a Client are not open for collaboration. The option of Enable Collaboration is applicable to the drafts created by the team members only.

Now, let's see how the process of collaboration on drafts works for a team.

How to Collaborate on Drafts?

The process of creating a draft is quite similar to that of creating a post. You can save a post that you create as a draft or directly go to the Drafts section and create a new one.

To see how both of these ways work, click here.

Now let's see who can access drafts that are open to collaboration.

  • If a draft is created without assigning any accounts to it, all of your team members can access that draft. 
  • If a member can see a draft, they can edit it, schedule it to be published or delete that draft altogether.  
  • When a draft is assigned to certain social media accounts, it will only be visible to those members who have access to those accounts.
  • A team member can take a draft and schedule it to be posted, but only for the accounts they have access to.

Note: The creator of a draft can lose access to their own draft. This can happen if another team member either deletes the draft or assigns it to an account to which the creator does not have access to.

Collaboration also involves exchanging feedback. To do so on drafts in SocialPilot, you get a dedicated space to post your comments for your team members to see.

Here are all the details on it.

Comments on Drafts

  • Once a draft is shared with your team members, comments on drafts will be active.  
  • The first comment in the comment space will be a system-generated one, showing the date and time when the draft was created as well as the name of its creator. 

  • If another member edits the draft, a system-generated comment will record that information for other members to see as well.

  • Users can leave comments as their feedback which can be seen by other team members who have access to that draft in real-time.

  • You can mention the team members using the “@” in the comment if they have access to the account the draft has been created for.
  • All the comments written for a draft by team members will be carried forward when the draft is scheduled, and it becomes a queued post.
  • All the system-generated comments on a draft will disappear from the comment space when it is scheduled to be published.
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