How Do I Add a New Brand?

The term ‘brand’ refers to the profile or setup you create on Reviews, representing your business. Before you can start managing reviews, engaging with customers, or analyzing feedback on the Reviews platform, the very first action you need to take is to connect your brand account to the platform. 

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to do it. 

  1. Go to the ‘Brands’ tab on the sidebar of your Reviews dashboard and click on it. You will find two options there: Create Brands and Manage Brands.

  1. Since you are starting out, you have to click on the ‘Create Brands’ option. You have to enter the following brand information:
  • Brand Logo (in PNG or JPG format)
  • Brand name
  • Time zone
  • Date format
  • Location details - whether single-location or multi-location
  1. The next section is Location details, where you fill in all the details of the brand’s location. 
  • Brand Name
  • Location Name (specify the location name for internal use)
  • Website
  • Country
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Tags

Note: If you have chosen a single location, you will have to add the above details. However, in the case of multi-location brands, you have to just fill in the primary brand details and later add location details in the ‘Manage Brand section’)

  1. In the next step, you have to link your brand to review platforms like Google Business Profile and Facebook. You can also connect your brands to other custom links based on your requirements.

  1. Select the platform you want to connect to on Reviews.
  • For Google Business Profile, click on the ‘Connect’ button. A window will appear. In this window, sign in with your Google account or pick an account that's already linked.
  • Follow the same steps for Facebook.

    Once added, you can connect the account to the tool. You can add more than one location here.

However, if you are already an active SocialPilot user, you can import your already connected Google Business Profile or Facebook account.

Click on Import from SocialPilot. You will see a pop-up with all the connected accounts on SocialPilot. Select the account and now click on 'Connect.' Your account(s) will be connected.

Note: If a user is a team member on SocialPilot the accounts they have access to on SocialPilot only will be shown on Reviews.

Note: Although Reviews is capable of connecting to other platforms, it primarily aggregates reviews from Google Business Profile and Facebook.

To add custom links, click on ‘Add link’ next to the Custom Link option. A dialogue box will open, asking you to select a platform from a dropdown menu and provide a review link. Enter the URL where you wish to direct customers to leave reviews or feedback.

Note: Custom links can be used in email or SMS campaigns even if they are not for pulling reviews directly into the platform.

Note: SocialPilot allows you to connect up to 3 locations for each account.

After entering all the details, review everything to ensure accuracy. Once satisfied, click ‘Save & Next.’ Your brand account is now added. 

If your brand has multiple locations, you can add them individually within the brand management section. Specify the details for each location, such as the location name and any additional information required.

Once you've entered all the necessary details, save the brand. Review the information to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Note: You can have multiple brands, which is particularly useful for agencies managing multiple businesses for different clients

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